Friday, November 11, 2011

I am a Graduate :))

Assalam alaykum
:) Long time (once again :P)
Sooooo…. A lott has happened over the past few weeks.
This post is entirely dedicated to one of them :)
I graduated :) :) :)

29th October, 2011 was the Graduation Day of my batch- 90th Batch (Batch 2005) of Govt. T.D.Medical College, Alleppey. Kerala
I really don’t think I’d be able to write much other than smileys…
This was the same “Convocation” bout which I’d written a lengthy post saying that I WOULDN’T be attending it at all….
But, finally…. Couldn’t keep myself away from it. Though, I didn’t call my family for the ceremony, I attended and invited Ibrahim Uncle and his family for the ceremony. I stayed in their house at Alleppey for around 1 and a half months during HScy and even before that I used to visit them regularly. Actually during my first year (when I was soooo on love with MBBS)… my parents had decided to move to Kerala for my studies and we had rented a house “Manimandiram” which was just opposite “Sareena Manzil”- Rahiya aunty and Ibrahim uncle’s house.. that is how we got to know them and they had been grt help to me during my entire stay.
So, our Grad Day began with the ususal ceremonies…. Followed by a very grand but also very confusing dinner (from which I wanted to run away coz I was missing my own family so bad..).. then a most irritating photo session…
And then we happily went to attend the culturals….. Balabhaskar (who is a violinist) played some very beautiful music…. And there were lots of fantastic performances by our batchmates as well as juniors…..
The entire thing ended by around 2.30 am… while the guys began their “DJ” dance… :P

I also know that the way I’ve written it…. It sounds like the yuckest thing in the world and 5 yrs from now when (if) I’ll read this post of mine, I’ll curse myself like hell .. but, khair….am more worried over whether or not I’d be able to post it coz Internet is just too too slow over here….
Did you ask “Here” where???….
Here baba….
Port Blair :)

Am back home.. :)
Kerala is over for me…. Or at least ‘on hold’ for sometime:)
coz there’s no place like Kerala ….
Except the Andaman & Nicobar Islands----which are even better :)
But, more on that later…
For now…. If you are on FB.. you can see the entire Album of my Grad pics here- My FB Album

Tc all….
Will soon catch up with you all :*
Love :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Gypsy Doctors.

Not a very apt title, but ‘gypsy’ was the first word that came to my mind when I thought of ‘Radiologists’- the super rich guys who read the ultrasound scans, CT scans and other such incomprehensible radiological images.
I’m having my RD (Radio Diagnosis) posting now (1 week down, 1 more to go) and trust me, there’s hardly anything that I’m able to make out from the images displayed on the screen.
Oh yes! The liver looks like a liver! And the urinary bladder can be seen coz of the urine! But that’s to it!!! And even these two can be identified (by me) coz of the strategic placement of the probe on the exact anatomical surface where these organs are situated in the body.
Otherwise….my… my… my…
It feels like looking into an ocean and trying to make out the shape of the waves and estimating their heights and assigning them names…


But, the radiologists.. they smoothly glide the probe and look at the ridiculous screen and go on blabbering their findings-
Right kidney’ parenchyma thinned out….. pelvis measuring blah blah blah… ureter dilated blah blah blah……

It reminds me of those stories and movies where gypsies and tantriks dressed up in heavy (and funky) jewellery sit scrying at crystal balls and mirrors and water filled vessels….
And a little abracadabra
And lo !!! your past, present, future are right before their eyes!!!
But, who, other than the blessed-with-superhero-vision gypsies and tantriks, has ever seen anything in a crystal ball or a magic mirror???

The last time a ‘customer’ had seen anything in a medium of ‘vision’ was when the Princess Alisha had gone gaga over a steaming Made-in-India-Milind-Somans view in an equally steaming pot of magical water….
That was in 1995…..BACKKKKK INNN THEEE DAYSSSS………… ;P

P.S- watch the Made in India music video on you tube.. :) Milind looks sooooo young.....:) *wow* :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Check List

Seriously, is it 1 am? God!! It feels like 4 in the evening….. no, not the sky… I ain’t blind.. I mean it just feels pretty evening-ish.

So, well…. Today was an OK day, Alhamdulillah. I met Nisha Ma’am and we sorted out the extension thing. I’ve got 8 days to do (as against the 18 days that I’d counted- prepare for the worst, they say ;p) and the best part is that I do not have to do my 3 Chettikadu days at Chettikadu. :) which is like super cool!!! There’s no Airtel network at RHTC, Chettikadu….. so…. You know wat I mean!

I seriously detested that posting. It was the worst posting of my HScy. Seriously!

Khair! Toh my extension thing is done, Alhamdulillah and I hope the remaining days go smooth and I don’t get myself into any more extensions….

The next few things that remain are my completion, the certificates, the shifting and the tickets.

I need to :-

1. Take photocopy of the completion form for Amu, Aish and myself.
2. Write the log book, which is a bloody pain in the ass.
3. Get the completions and hope that nobody gets wild at the sight of my lipcolour or my nose-ring or just me as a whole and grant me extension..(yeah!!! That’s the only thing in my mind right now- could ask me anything in the world.. I’d successfully bring the answer down to EXTENSION.)
4. Find out from some good soul, exactly wat am I supposed to do AFTER I get the completion from all the departments.
5. Plus, CAN I get the certificates (school mark lists, islander certificate, and the blahs) now? Or will it be mailed along with the registration? If I CAN get it now, I need to take it now…
6. Shift my things from Neerkunnam to Punnapra. And decide on the things that I will carry WITH me and the things that I will cargo home.
7. Buy luggage pieces.
8. Contact TCI Kochi regarding the whole freight business. How and when can they do it….
9. Depending on ALLLLLLLLLL this, book my tickets.
10. Fly home :) :) :)

And of course I have to buy a few things for everybody at home :)
and I also have to be mentally, emotionally, physically and most importantly, financially prepared for the “Extra-Baggage Charges”. :_(

I am such a miser :_( I know!!!
You know my family is a Sheikh family (not the Arab Sheikhs---we are the Indo-Pak Sheikhs)….. and Sheikhs are widely known to be misers…. Not something to be proud of.. but, well… that’s the way it is…
I guess the ‘miser gene’ skipped expression for 2-3 generations and finally expressed in me!! Blah!

Anyways… the downside of today was that I SCRRRREEEAAAMMMEEEDDD at Abbu :_( :_(

I don’t know why I do that. I do it all the time. I scream at mummy too, but since I talk to mummy Q6H, it’s ok. But, Abbu must feel really bad about me behaving this way on the few occasions that I speak to him.
I did call them back and apologize, but it really doesn’t make up, I know.
Someday, I’ll get it all back.
Karma is a bloody bitch. She’ll get me.
Is karma a she??? Whatever!

And I was sad and happy and all that….
And that’s it.
Gud nite. :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Convocation

Certain days are soooo sad, you know. So sad matlab ufffff wala so sad.
I guess, am feeling so troubled just coz am trying so bad to go home at the earliest. I am seriously not the struggling types… I need to relax and just let things be… I mean possibly cant make me work for more than 18 days. I just hope lets me start from 20th itself…. And I also hope lets me do it in ambalapuzha instead of chettikadu. There is no airtel network there…. But agar doesn’t agree toh I wudnt have an option.

I am also pretty worried over my Triage posting. We are three Housies and that means we would have cycles of 24 hrs duty and 12 hours off.. which, I think, will be really hectic. And that is another reason why am so worked up… coz that is the time when I would really need time … for packing shacking and all that and all that… but, Newaz….. the only good part is that at the end, it will end.

Am also sad coz I will not be participating in the Convocation. I aint inviting my parents. And I have no wish to be there alone. I had thought of calling Azhar over. But, we both are not worth each other. So, that leaves me with two options-
1. Not attending the convo and feeling sad coz I wasn’t with my batch which, anyways, will forget me in a matter of days (i.e., if they remember me now).
2. Attending the convo all alone and looking at everybody with their families and feeling sad.

I think I should go for option 1.

I do realize that I am lucky that I HAVE a family. There might be so many in this world who don’t have a family at all. There are orphans doing graduation and for their convo they might invite their uncles and aunties, which is cool in itself, but still, somewhere deep in their hearts, they might, just MIGHT, wish their parents were with them. My mummy was an orphan. She had a big family and stuff, but, still.. she was an orphan…. If she had parents, I don’t think they would have got her married to someone from a jungle,…..from Calcutta to Port Blair.
I digress.
So, I mean ki I am doing all this naatak just coz I have someone to call Mummy and someone to call Abbu.
Maybe, I don’t know.
They are ready to come, btw. But I really don’t think it is worth it. I mean if we keep a minimum of RS. 10,000 from Port Blair to Alleppey, it makes Rs. 40,000 for my parents’ to and fro tickets plus the stay and food. Let’s add another Rs. 10,000 to it.

I really do not think that we should be spending 50 grands to get my old parents to travel (something they never do) only to hear Malayalam speeches and sit like statues throughout the function, coz they don’t speak Malayalam and will not be able to converse with others’ parents, and eat do dana from the grand (hopefully) dinner and retire to the hotel room coz by then the Y chromosomes will have started their talli dance.
To be noted here is that I will have to take leave if my parents come over and that would only mean more days with God’s countrymen, something am not really looking forward to. Then there can come the twist in the tale where my parents, instead of returning home like sane-headed people, can get all senti bout me having to do all the shifting thing alone and decide to stay back in the Country that God is accused to belong to, and that would mean me going and staying with them in the hotel room in the evenings… something that will only hamper the packing and shifting process. Not to mention, the expenses of staying in hotels. And I also don’t know what on earth would they do the whole day.
The other thing, of course, is that they can happily return home the next day. That would mean 50 grands for 2 days. :) :) wow!! I wish I was that rich.
But I am not :x :x :x :x

So the people who are telling me to spend such a lot of money to “experience the joy of getting the DEGREE (without even completing the course!!!!) in front of my parents” ….. when all they have to do is spend a few hundred rupees for filling their vandis’ tanks with petrol and maybe a little more to buy Moov for local application on the arms of their fathers/brothers/whoever after the long-drive-ache … should….. rather SHUT UP and help their mothers decide which saree to wear for their “Once in a lifetime” moment.
I am sad enough for not attending the convo… don’t make me sadder.
I also know that I spend a lot otherwise, but sorry to say that I don’t spend money to buy Malayalam CDs and I don’t spend money to go to, say Mata Amrita’s sermons…… I spend money over things that I like…. And the whole idea of making my family feel lonely is NOT SOMETHING I LIKE.

The only thing that can make me go the convo is my “Antar-atma” (since I am a Sonia fan, I always listen to my antar-atma) that wants to take the Oath with my batchmates.
Newaz.... my life is ruled by impulse, maybe the sudden urge of wearing the kala topi and kala coat may make me jump into the convo.. never know!! am a Sag :P
Oh!!! Am I desp!!!
I was sad sadder saddest.. and wasn’t going for the convo video shoot either…. But fir my “Antar-atma” took over and I went and naatakofied and happily returned with 2 papers full of non-sense that I wrote during the ‘exam scene shoot’. :p

Another thing that I ain’t likin is that some part of the stuff I wrote for the batch-slambook was in Hindi, which didn’t understand and I had told him to ask me before publishing, not once but many times, but he goes on saying that he will.. surely towards the end, he wudn’t be able to and that is really irritating coz I have been telling him for so long. I finally told him to skip me. But uske liye bhi woh raazi nahi.
Toh khair.
This is it.
Lots of blahs!!!
And the next blah would be the blah I wrote in those two sheets of paper :)

Blahing out.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

On ENT, CSOM and Cerebellar abscess and my 50th Post :)

my 50th post :)

Having my ENT posting right now. Trying my level best to kill my anger and be good to patients…I am going thru a “gr8” self reformation phase of my life *cough*cough*rolling eyes* :P
And so am trying to be good to the super irritating patients and bystanders..
Let’s see how far am able to take it.
Today was ENT 1 ‘s OP but our sir made me sit in the OP for sometime and I advised CT Head for two patients….
Now, I don’t know how indicated were CTs in these two cases…but, I wanted to be on the safer side.
We recently had a case where a little girl of 10 or 11 came with ear pain and was found to have a 3-4 years history of rhinitis and CSOM…. She had been treated with antibiotics each time… but still…the infection spread from the ear to the mastoid and from there to the cerebellum and the child actually had a cerebellar abscess !! the abscess was drained at the trauma theatre and on Thiruvonam I was withdrawing her blood for some investigation and she was crying out that ‘You have drained allllllll my blood’
Her parents and I couldn’t help but laugh at that :P
she was admitted in our ward. She’s been discharged now.. :)

khair.. toh this case has made me pretty scared about CSOMs…. One of the two cases to whom I advised CT had a similar history with mastoid tenderness++…..
the other one presented with headache, might be migraine… have written symptomatic management for migraine and told that she might need to take a CT if the headache doesn’t subside.
Khair…. Toh hopefully, we never miss any spread of infections from CSOMs ever again :(

Allah hafiz

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ophthalm posting ....

Ophthalm posting started yesterday.. am a single HS in Eye 2.
Akhil and Amuda are in Eye 1.
Got my first Ophthalm casualty duty today…. It’s a Sunday…so it’s goin to be pretty busy…
I don’t even remember the anatomy of the eye…blah!!!
I think I’ll take my Chaurasia with me, so that I can brush up the Eye, just in case I get time.
Hoping that the day isn’t busy… am fasting and nauseating….
“Roza + Nausea + Casualty duty” doesn’t sound a very pleasing prospective.