Friday, October 31, 2008

Spurious associations

Am sitting in Davidson rite now.. dyu remember where it’s ?….. It’s the room in front of our library….
Well, have been really busy drawing the partogram, (it’s a stupid thing in gynaecology), so, I cudn blog for a long time. Newaz, I somehow completed it and submitted it today, and so, have got some time.
Well, we just had a class… an SPM class.. SPM stands for social and preventive medicine.
Now, this is the most boring subject on this planet…. And people who are not doing mbbs (and nursing and also some other stupid medical courses) should thank their stars for not putting them in this mess, where you are forced to study a subject called Community Medicine (another name for SPM)……. This is the only subject that is taught for 3 and ½ years…in First Professional, Second Professional and Third Professional Part A also…The Univ exam is at the end of Third Prof A (that’s the year I’m in now)….
Just to give you an idea of what we learn in SPM.. lemme tell you…
We learn how to disinfect well water, we go to villages and speak to the ‘Community’ and try to find out what the problems of the ‘Community’ are…(more than diseases, it’s how the daughter-in-law troubles the family, how the husband beats the wife, how the children don’t study.. blah blah blah blah blah blah), distribute medicines to the ‘Community’, conduct surveys in the ‘Community’, and at the end contract diseases from the ‘Community’…. (if you haven had chicken pox, and you are told to go to an area that has got a chicken pox epidemic.. what else can you expect?)
Newaz, what I’m tryin to say is that it is the most execrable subject in the MBBS course… and not just me (like, I’m sure you’ll tend to think, if you have read any of my previous posts), but, the whole of the Medical Fraternity is of the same opinion…(and if you come across someone who thinks otherwise, you can very well believe that he/she is not the person you shud go to, in case(God forbid) you fall ill, coz’ such a doctor definitely has some explicit or implicit abnormality in the functioning of his brain…)

But, but, but, but……. Ther is one lady… Dr. Sairu Philip who’s literally magical….(in the way she takes classes, I mean)…. Can you believe that we ACTUALLY listen to her classes?????????? ACTUALLY…
Today, the topic was “Associations and Causation”, the last part of ‘Epidemiology’… very surprisingly, it was an interesting class… (half the credit shud go to maam, the other half to the topic itself), well, so…a little bout wat we learnt….

Well, it’s bout how we tend to make association between the various causes and their effects based on some findings that are true in every sense, yet, are not the real causes…. Such associations are called ‘Spurious associations’ .. an eg… the number of perinatal deaths (deaths around the time of the delivery of the child) per 1000 births in the home deliveries is 5.4, as compared to 27.8 per 1000 births among the deliveries in the hospital…and this, given the fact that the number of births in the hospitals are way more than the births at home…

Hmmm, so, the uneducated people mite end up believing that since the number of delivery deaths in the hospitals are more, better wud be to deliver at home….
Two reasons people can give for the increased deaths in the hospitals are that the aseptic precautions are not really taken care of, and that it’s due to nosocomial infections (hospital-acquired infections, i.e., the infections you acquire from the hospital).
However, in reality the reason is that, the complicated cases are all (usually) brought to the hospital (sometimes the ladies go to docs for chek up, and wen found wid some complications, are admitted in the hospitals… sometimes, wen they don’t visit the docs for chek up… their complications cud manifest (in many ways, that can be omitted here) thus, forcing them to be brought to the hospital), and most of the deaths in the hospital are these complicated cases, those that are brought late, or are simply inadvertent deaths)…
So, we see that if we don’t look into the matter carefully, we cud end up thinking something that is totally wrong….

The second is ‘Indirect Association’.e.g. here is that people who have ‘holes’ in their shirts or pants tend to have lung cancer…. :D… well, it’s actually that people who smoke are in the high risk group for lung cancer, and these people tend to create the ‘holes’ in their clothes by the stub of their cigarettes (now, don’t say no….my own father does it very often, it’s one of the many many reasons of fights between my parents)
Third is ‘Direct Association’ .. that is association between smoking and lung cancer….

Now…… what made me write bout this??? The simple fact that we all tend to be ‘spurious’ in the associations we make….maybe not always, but yes, we do sometimes… we tend to look at what’s visible, and go with it, instead of trying to find out the real reasons…. If only, we use our heads..and not be blinded by what we see and look for the real reason behind things.. our life wud be happier and more fulfilling…. Am not sayin all this without actually practicing it, this is one way in which I keep myself happy, ---- by avoiding ‘spurious associations’… really, it’s one of the best ways to be ‘happy’. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes, and try to reason their actions from their point of views… it may save you from a lot of heart breaks…. Sachi-muchi….:D

Of course, happiness cud have different meanings for different people…. But, this is MY blog, as you all know….. so, the tips of happiness that I give you will only be the ones that I have experienced…:D…. and trust me I’m BASICALLY a happy person….Alhamdulillah… :D

I do feel sad, get angry… and get all screwed up…. But, somehow, these are shorter spells than others wud have faced , had they been in my place….
And the only reason behind it is (besides God, of course) my Zodiac… the lovely lovely Sagittarius…. Not only coz’ we’re optimistic, but also coz’ we are Lady Luck’s favourite :D……

Chalo chalo.. I have to go… Joseph is makin fun of my ‘katha’ (the ‘story’ that I’m typing) :D… more bout Sagis later., gotto take the college bus, there’s a private bus strike today.

P.S- written yesterday

Allah hafiz.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On why I wont attend casualty

No more casualty day 1 day 2 etc…coz I wont be going for casualty, at least not this week…
Firstly, coz’ it gets quite boring in between cases…. And secondly, and most importantly, I’m a lazy ass…..
Well, yeah yeah!! I had written in an earlier post that I really wanted to attend casualty, but, then.. you know jeevan is very uncertain… kab kisse pyaar ho jaaye, kab kisse dushmani, kab kya achha lagne lage, kab kya bura.. we never know!!! :D

{plz excuse me::: I’m finding it very difficult to type today, coz my nails have grown 3mm (approx) beyond the edge….and I’m feeling so irritated….. I never keep long nails, I think its dirty, wrong, and stupid to grow (of all things, that a person can possibly grow) nails!!!! I don’t understand wats actually happened, but until yesterday I felt they cud wait for a few more days.. and today suddenly, I see them 3mm long (it’s really long for a person like me!).. not just my nails, even my waxed hands have suddenly become “bhalu hands”… but newaz, it’s not troubling me like these stupid nails….sad part is that today is a Tuesday and I don’t cut nails on Tuesdays and Saturdays,……….uuuuggggggggggghhhhh!!!!!}

Now my friends are really bothered bout me… I mean, they really want me to attend clinics and learn something so that I can become a decent, if not good, doctor…. Amuda today came up to me and asked what do I do sitting in my hostel all alone (I don’t live in my college hostel, but, in a private one… where I have no batch mates… just a senior, and 1 junior)… I told that I read, sleep, read, chat, read, watch movies, read, blog, and read some more…… and she was like “ haaaaaaaa gr88888…. Almas has come from sooooooooooo faaaaarrrrr away, only to sleep read and chat….”
Somewhere in my heart, I know it’s wrong…coz’ mummy also keeps telling me “thoda padh lo Kiran, itna door tumko sirf padhai ke liye hi to bheje hai, warna humko kya shauk hai tumse door rehne ka”
:( :( :( :(
Oh mummmmmmmyyyyyyyy plzzzzzzzz don’t speak like that………
Boo hoo …..sob sob ….sniffle sniffle….
But, look now… I have found out many reasons why I should not actually go for casualty….
1. there’s no compulsory attendance…… just the fact that there’s no attendance required speaks a lot bout this thing called casualty…..
2. the cases that come here are all emergency case…. We will never be given emergency cases for our exams….. I mean, use your heads.. we cannot possibly be given such cases…
3. the management of emergency cases are all very well written in all the text books.. all you need to do is read….
You mite say that we need to know what shud be done in “OUR SETUP”, (this is the most common thing people tell you whn they want you to attend clinics), well, the answer (I have come to this conclusion after 4 days in casualty, and l8r confirming it with Dr.Shikha (no, she is not a “BIG” doctor… shez another lazy senior, who has finished her course only 6 months bak)) to this is …. “in OUR SETUP, you refer cases to Kottayam”… yupps that’s what you do…
Head injury…. Refer to Kottayam
Plastic surgery… Refer to Kottayam
And even as common a thing as multiple fractures …. Refer to Kottayam..
(I’m really sorry! I don’t mean to say that multiple fractures is something small or minor..i’m just saying that any medical college ka Ortho Department can deal with it, unless ,of course, the treatment required is available in select places or too unconventional….(and no, I haven’t created anything, such cases have ACTUALLY been referred to Kottayam by the SURGEONS , not the housies…ok))
4. the few things that are taught, usually go a bouncer.. coz’ majority of us have a weak base… we don’t know our Anatomy, Physio and Patho properly and so, whatever the docs say, don’t make much sense to us… for correcting this, we need to first sit down and get our initial 7 subjects straight.(ok, make it 6- you don’t need forensic utna bhi zyada) .
5. Anju and Aish were telling me yesterday, that if we go to the casualty, seniors (meaning the housies posted in casualty) tell us what is needed to be studied… but, I think it’s really stupid.. I mean, don’t we all know that everything is needed… the more you study, the better.. tomorrow if you are practicing, you get a case that your ‘senior’ hadn mentioned, will you send the patient back??? I mean, how sillier can you get?? (that’s the prime reason why I don’t get good marks… I find it very difficult to study selections.. it’s like one topic from here and another from there.. that kinds… it is a total rattu process.. hope you know the meaning of ‘rattu’ .. it means learning things by heart…. And to be able to really read, understand and learn.. you need a lot of time and you shud start from day 1 of mbbs and never turn bak… something I never cud do coz’ of the ‘home sickness’ I went thru….)
6. suturing, catheterization etc. are things you need to learn during casualty, I agree… but, tell me if I don’t learn now, will the docs refuse to teach me wen I becum a housie? Will they? Damn it!!! No, they can never refuse.. coz’ they too know it, that it’s the housies who actually run the Alpy Hospital…there is no escaping from the work load during house surgeoncy.. you like it or not.. you know how to or not… you HAVE TO bloody work like an ass!! And you will be scolded, maybe even insulted… for all sort of things, whether you do things perfectly or not…. So no point in wasting your beautiful 4th year, wen newaz you will have to learn it as a housie…
7. wen we were internees… in the labour room, we assisted deliveries…. Had you learnt it beforehand ? ….no.. you hadn… you just stepped into the labour room, with your gloves and gown on… and there you were supporting the head of the baby, holding the instruments, holding the suture material… you were told just once…..the first time, and after that you cud do!!! And after learning, did you never go wrong? Were you never scolded for not holding the sutures in the right way, ….. did you never touch anything unsterile with sterile gloves on?

As internees, are we taught to take deliveries, given the fact that anyways we wud need to do it as housies? No! in fact there are teachers who, if they come to know that any housie or pg tried to teach an internee this beautiful job of takin deliveries, can throw you out of the labour room like a fly is thrown out of a glass of milk….. and if you think we can learn to take deliveries and suture episiotomies so soon, what makes you feel that we wudn be able to catheterize or suture injuries…. ????????? ha???? Tell me tell me… aaj to bol hi do!! :D

So you see…. There’s really no need to attend casualty…:
Be confident and optimistic… inshaAllah we will learn it all as housies :D

Aur waise bhi.. the real time a doctor learns is wen he prepares for PG, coz then he has finished his entire course….he knows a little of everything and so when he reads it again, it seems more coherent thatn when he had read the same thing in 1st year, or 2nd-3rd year….

My suggestion.. try to read as much as possible (well , I mean text books)… coz’
Eyes do not see………….
……………… What the mind does not know…..


Friday, October 17, 2008

Casualty -day 5

hmmm . . Didnt go for the morning casualty, there were no afternoon classes. . . And again didnt attend the evening casualty. . . :)
but, i had gone yesterday. . . Though i didnt really want to. . But got so bugged that went to the duty H.S room and was simply lyin down , listenin songs. . . . Went to have dinner, then returned in the ambulance. . . A real waste of time. . . Two cases :>
1. A police case, a man brought a severely injured patient. . . And was ready to sign the permission form, though they weren related in any way. . . .we thot. . . Wow, aaj ke duniya me aisa aadmi. . . .
huh! L8r cm to knw dat dey were relatd alrite, he jst din wana tel he's related to a man involvd in a police case. . . .
2. An unconscious man, tight on daaru was brought by a boy, and this boy wasnt willing to give any signature wagairah.. He SAHI MEI wasnt related to the patient, he told , he brought the patient here so that he could be saved, thats all, he wasnt interested in doin any more. . He had done enough. . . :) lolz. . . Wow aaj ke duniya mei itna bhi mil jaae to gr8 hai. . :)
Allah hafiz


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Casualty - day 4

i didnt go for the mornin casualty, am waitin for the afternoon class to start. . . . And thinking if i really shud go for the evening casualty or not . . . . I got up at 11. 30. . . . Slept at 4.30 . . . Was watching the stuff azhu sent . . . . 1920 is so scary . . . (In jalpari) will edit , l8r, if i go . . . . Newaz. . . . Am sleepy . . .
Allah hafiz

Casualty-day 3

i didnt go to the morning casualty, there were no afternoon classes, and i didnt go to the evening casualty as well. . . . . Instead, i went to maheshwari and bought a wrap-around . . . . I returned in the ambulance. . . . I had taken the coat so that when i reach back at 9pm . . . . The sisters see that i am returning from the hospital all rite. . . . ;) I have told the warden sister that i will be returning at 9 for a month. . . . Wow! !
Allah hafiz

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

casualty - day 2

…. Today is a BJP hartaal, no classes, didn’t go for the morning casualty, don’t know if I will go in the evening….mummy has told not to….Kerala State Transport is running, but still, mummy dsnt want me to take any risk…. Other gals are all day sholars ( I mean the real ones.. I am pseudo)….. lets see….

no, i dint go for the evening shift as well.

Allah hafiz.

My Malayalam Disaster !!!

This happened during the staff registration at the 3D Indiana demo….

I committed the sin of not recognizing the HOD Anatomy and so, when I asked him for his ‘designation’ ….
He told “anatomy”
Now I found it really awkward to ask him exactly what in antomy?... of course, he didn’t himself fill all the posts in the Anatomy department…. Uggh!!
“HOD” he told.
Fine I thot…
Suddenly I heard Anisa say, “She’s in 4th year”
Apparently, Dr.HOD had asked me something in Malayalam, which I didn’t hear coz’ my “Malayalam Antennae” were switched off…
And then ….. Dr. HOD starts speaking in Malayalam and I look at him, he speaks and I look at him, he speaks and I look, with my “Malayalam Antennae” switched on, but, as always happens with me in emergency situations, failing to catch the signals properly…
From the corner of my eye I see Anisa standing up, I stand up too….
From the corner of my eye I see Anisa smiling, I smile too..
From the corner of my eye I see Anisa nodding her head sheepishly, I nod too, trying to be sheepish, coz’ fuck man! I don’t even know what’s happening and all my Malayalam knowledge has deserted me…
I understand one word here and one word there, all of which when put together make no sense to me!
Finally, when Sir leaves, I turn to Anisa with one of my ‘what-the-fuck?’ looks and she says with an ‘oh-the-fuck!’ look (the difference in the two looks being the punctuation marks that are painted across our faces:D) that he had asked me (at the beginning of this Malayalam disaster) if I didn’t know him… and since Ani was quick to realize that I haven’t heard the question.. she had replied that I was in 4th year.. ( and so, I didn’t know the HOD of a first year subject)
But, probably the Dr. had felt bad and so, he went on to explain ALL that he was…. This and that and that and this.. he had started so and so, was the founder of so and so.. etc. etc.. (to which all that standing, smiling and nodding were done).. In short, what he meant was that he was THE H.O.D. ANATOMY OF ALLAPPUZHA MEDICAL COLLEGE and we , disgusting, deplorable, crappish 4th years, didn’t know who HE was, HE, the HOD of a subject we cleared in 2006 , a subject we studied under 2 HODs (like most of our non clinical subjects, coz’ no one wants to work in Alpy)….………..
So, I think safer wud be to go to the Academic Section once a week and get updated bout the transfers and appointments and retirements that happen in the VARIOUS departments.. steal a pic of all the teachers, and write their names below it and paste it on my wall and luk at them every morning, just so that, if in future I ever meet a doctor , I don’t commit the unforgivable sin of not recognizing him/her……………
Allah hafiz.

3D Indiana

We had the 3D Indiana demonstration in our audi today… I had been seeing its posters in the college but, had thot it’s bout some textbook… newaz, today I came to know that it is bout some software developed by a certain Dr. Jerome Kalister and his team…. It’s some software that can help us study anatomy better… presents the human body in 3D with all inner structures perfectly shown, etc… the good part was that this was the first time such a detailed thing of anatomy had been developed in India, and that too by a Keralite ( going with the way my obsession for Kerala is increasing, there’s no surprise how excited I got hearing a Kerala achievement!!:D)………… but, but, but… the real thing remains…. This Keralite is not just a Dr. from some college………….. but the best college on this planet “Alleppey Medical College” :D :D :D :D :D :D……….. so, in no way was I goin to miss this…
When Ani and I reached the college Ansar, the King, :D, gave her the work to fold some pamphlets for Intermedicos ( we are hosting the Intermeds this year, probably in the last week of November…….my b’day will go un noticed :( sob! Sob! ) and soon she was given the work for staff registration, in which I helped her… I committed the sin of not recognizing the HOD Anatomy, and bout this incident I shall mention l8r, prolly in another post.

It had been organized by the Kalister Foundation, all the 1st year students and staff from Calicut, Trivandrum, Thrissur and Kottayam along with Alleppey Medical College, all staff and students were invited…. We were given snacks :D :D :D .. from The Oven, Kochi… :D :D lolz…
Newaz after the registration, we went for the demo….
Twas really good….
It shows a male body, which can be viewed from all sides (its 3D, I dunno why am I being so stupid) we can focus on any part of the body (unlike many other softwares, and cds, which offer parts of body sectioned according to their preference…) hide and unhide the structures, the veins, arteries, nerves, muscles one by one…. We can just make the muscles transparent, without hiding them, enabling us to see how structures behind them pass….and all those stupid relations…
It’s a beautiful and detailed body.. we were shown only the upper limb, coz, if I didn’t get it wrong, he told that it is a 1500 GB stuff!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I heard it wrong…. I don know.. will ask someone l8r and confirm… Azhar isn’t willing to believe it’s so big!!

Well, whatevs,, all things said, Dr.Shenoy, the famous researcher doctor working even after his retirement, told something that really made sense.. that to be able to study anatomy with this program or whatev it is called, we need to be really good at computers and first master the various applications of this software… will all the teachers be able to learn it? (coz’ for sure it showed, the person sittin at the computer today wasn’t able to do it well, and that really brought down the quality of the demo!!) besides we shudn neglect the fact that anatomy isn’t easy, and people take time to learn things… and benefiting from these presentations wud mean the children shud come to class after they have studied the content, this in addition to the other 2 subjects plus the record writing, seminars etc etc…
I personally feel it will be good for presentations and seminars but how much can it help us in studies, I aint that sure….i mean suppose it IS the mind wobbling 1500 GB, how can ne1 have access to it if he needs to see stuff in the hostel or at home, while studying???hmmmmmmm…
It is proposed to be gven to all the medical colleges (govt) in kerala, not sure of India. And if I heard right , they will be including many other things like physiology and pharmacology into this anatomy thingie! (I’m not sure of what they really meant, but, surely they did mean something:D)
Then Dr. Krishnamma, our first year external and Dr. Jerome’s teacher in his first year.. went up to the dais to speak.. she was all praises for him… which he rightly deserves….
Something Kerala and esp our college shud be really proud of… btw I heard that he completed his MBBS in a very long time coz, he had gone to do other stuff has even won some national level awards in something I didn’t understand… Dr.Sukumaran, our Surgery HOD was his immediate senior, but due to his lag….he was still a student of Surgery when Dr. Sukumaran had already started teaching in Alpy….
Newaz..nothing goes waste…. Even though he took many many years to finish his course..isn’t he bigger than many whom we call ‘bhujis’..
A hearty congrats to Dr. Jerome and his team.

P.S- I have written as if it happened today, though it was actually yesterday… am sorry for that.
P.S 2- Cudn upload pics on blogger,:((

Allah hafiz

Casualty Day 1

Yesterday was day 1 of Casualty posting… It’s actually supposed to be ‘Surgery Casualty’, but, 90th Batch had decided to attend both Medicine and Surgery… so the previous batches (B, C) used to go to Medicine in the morning and Surgery in the evenings… We had thot of doing the same…
Now, just to explain wat’s the hype bout Casualty .. it is a posting in the Emergency Medicine, as some people call it…(there’s no attendance required, and you can come to the casualty to learn things even when you are in the first year (provided you understand anything so early in the course)) people tell (and I hope what they tell is true) that this is a good chance to learn…. Probably coz’……. Welllll, ummmmmmmmmmmmmm .. hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I don know why it’s said to be a good time to LEARN, I personally believe it’s just something that can make you strong mentally in that you know how to react, how to get on your feet and start working when someone is brought with a bleeding head, with the relatives crying and blood, blood, blood everywhere…… it’s just an advanced training given to make us the most cold-hearted group of people on this planet…..
{ rite now im listening to 1 of my most fav songs.. maname manmizhiyale, Malayalam dubbing of a telugu song  this is just a too beautiful song… though I don understand the words much….. I like the video, the film, the actors, and the music… }

Ok… so, we were supposed to go to Medicine casualty at 9 am, but, I got a mesaage telling that we r goin to surgery, coz’ we have got to meet Dr. Sukumaran, our surgery HOD, just informin him that we r joining casualty from that day…….. so, we went to the department , saw Sir, and without even asking us who, what, why bout nething, he told us to meet Dr. Anilkumar……. Then began our treasure hunt , the treasure being a certain Dr. Anilkumar, bout whom we know nothing………….. a tresure hunt in which we didn’t succeed, and so with a heavy heart we went to the OP and told Sir that all we wanted was to inform him that we r joining…… His reply was “This is the O.P” all the other docs started laughing…. Aish repeated .. “Sir, we begin our casualty posting from today” …….. Sir repeated “ This is the O.P” and again the Gods of surgery started laughing at the mere mortals standing before them………. Thanx for the ‘chori’…we smiled………..knowing that 2 months of intensive chori has started ….:D (our posting after casualty is Surgery) newaz.. we went to the casualty, but, as was expected, there were no cases,so, we thot of returning……
(now, this is the time the other gals were chatting bout the 3D Indiana thing, bout which I will write l8r)
Bt, then we remembered that Aish and Anju had to give us a treat for getting a distinction in 2nd Prof examz…… we went to Ice Mist, I had a fruit salad…. Pista scoop. :D… then Anisa and I went to the college.. others went home….

The evening casualty started at 6 for me, coz I returned late from the 3D Indiana thingie…. Others had gone at 4.30..

There was a lady there, bleeding from the nose and ears… she had met with an accident, bike accident, her school- going son was riding the bike….. it was more painful to see the boy, than the lady…. He was in his uniform, really tall, but, his face showed that he was actually very young…. He was crying. Not like shouting and beating his chest, but, caressing his mom’s head and shedding silent tears…..we cud all make out what he felt at that time… that he was responsible for his mom’s condition…. But, soon the lady, Zeenath, was taken away…

The next case we saw was of a boy, 15 yrs of age, in the 7th standard, who entered limping and holding his head and wincing with pain….. twas a case of assault and there were policemen…. Apparently, the boy had gone out to buy books and was assaulted by a gang of boys….. possibly this boy was in some panga with the boys who attacked him… we feel for the patient, but, we never know how good or bad a person the patient is… I don’t mean anyone deserves to be injured, all I mean is that perhaps, he walked into the lion’s den himself.. we can never be sure….. newaz…. He had a bleeding injury on his head, a fracture too I think, though I aint sure.. and a bandage around his right hand… when it was removed, we saw the thumb hanging, attached to the rest of the body to which it rightly belonged, by a thin piece of skin….a fresh bandage was wrapped, fluid started and he was sent for getin an x-ray done…

Then, there came a lady with a blood sugar of 272, diabetic ulcer foot (2nd toe)gangreneous…, strangely, the son told that this ulcer started 2 weeks back….probably they didn’t like her 2nd toe and so just sat happily at home seeing the ulcer go from bad to worse… God !!!!! newaz… it had to be amputated!

Then the doc who is a gr8 example of a person who’s got a magetic personality ( his name slips from my memory--- it’s one of those typical kerala names like jojo, mojo, sijju, biju, bini, chiny, tinu, minu,pinchu, tinchu, bibu, libu) started asking us bout ‘ diabetic foot’….

Zeenath, the lady I spoke of earlier, returned, and had projectile vomiting. She had been taken away for a CT Scan…there was a sub-arachnoid haemorrhage and cerebral oedema . if, a surgery is needed, she will have to be referred to Kottayam Medical College Hospital coz Alleppey MCH cant deal with it (pathetic!!!), the sadder part is that just to know if a surgery is needed or not, we have to wait for the neurosurgeon, who was telling us how to read a CT a few minutes ago, but, now has gone somewhere ( and we cant call him coz’ of some reason which my bleak knowledge of Malayalam didn’t allow me to understand, and I didn’t get the time to ask someone to translate) . and Alpy has only one neurosurgeon, coz of the Alpy phobia, due to which docs from other places don’t like workin here… or whatev be the reason, I dunno ,…………the surgeons told her husband that’s it’s serious definitely, but we can’t do anything until the NEUROsurgeon arrives,………. However, she cud be taken to Kottayam rite away… coz newaz , possibly, she’d have to be taken to KMC hospital newaz………
They left for Ktym widin minutes…

Sir continued askin us all that we didn’t know… and it was getting late.. we had to return by the 8.30pm ambulance…. He went on and on and on, asking us questions which soon turned into homework (that we r supposed to know by today) coz’ we cudn answer any….
Finally he told, “So, you agree that you don’t know anything bout diabetic foot ?”
We nodded
“You agree that you didn’t study anything in your previous posting?”
Nod nod nod nod……Ha mere bhai,... we agree!!!
“You agree that you are absolutely nil in your basics?”
A nod with a sweet smile hiding the grinding of our teeth inside….
…… I was like “cut the crap out man! You win, we lose! You are a surgeon and we undergraduate shits! You the zenith and we the zilch! We are defeated, fallen flat on the face… you can sleep peacefully>>>>>>>> you have done your work…. Now, please ……….. it’s 8.20, can we leave?” of course…. All this told in my heart…
Well, the Surgeon Janaab was merciful enuf to let us go……..

Sad part… no ambulance!!! We waited for a long time with four locals lookin at us like they are seeing the creations called “females” for the first time in their lives…. Crap!!
At last,Anju anna, Elizabeth chechi and another chechi (who reminds me of Dr. Pragya Gautham, uh! And whose name neither anju nor I knew, both chehis from 88th ), returned by a Fast Passenger…..

A busy day……………..
Sad part wasn’t the cases I saw, bt, the fact that we (medical people) can actually laugh and think of other things standing in a room where people are crying thinking of life and death……………..well, how much emotions can be allowed in our profession, I don’t know…. What I know is that, no one becomes a doc to SERVE humanity… though we r treated as animals by the govt.), we all are here for reasons far from SERVICE……. This is the way we earn our bread and butter…. and if we need to think, we need to stop feeling, for that moment at least………. We can’t stop living……

Allah hafiz

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dermatology text book- Illustrated Synopsis of Dermatology & Sexually Transmitted Diseases

This post is specially to tell about the text book “Illustrated Synopsis of Dermatology and Sexually Transmitted Diseases” by “Neena Khanna”

This is one sexy text book… All the important points are covered, but still the book isn’t lengthy… it doesn’t go too deep into each topic, nor does it just-brushes-through. This combined with a little bit of Robbins will be more than enuf ( I think) if you going to practice as a General Physician or if you come across a Dermat case in your family, friends, or if you are in any other speciality….
The book also has some really clean pictures, that again, I would say, are sufficient to understand, going by the fact that you don’t necessarily understand the difference among all the lesions that you see during clinics ( I seriously believe that we shud be allowed to take pics of the cases that we see during clinics, coz’ it’s always better to be able to remind yourself of what YOU actually saw instead of what the books say or show, besides, normal students like me who don’t have a photocopy memory, tend to forget the way lesions looked…. Plus … 23 students( in rare cases of full attendance) crowding into one small OP doesn’t leave much space for every single student to examine the case to their hearts content, besides, patients are humans…. Doctors shudn ever forget.)
So, my point is that this is a really nice book for Skin ( of course, you need to study it, if you want it to be of any use)…. I have the 2nd edition..that’s the latest…
Happy Studying :D
Allah hafiz