Sunday, September 7, 2008

my postings now

Wanted to write a lot last night but, tabhi current chala gaya….so, now, trying to recall all that was flowing into my mind last nite…
Its Ramzan, today is the 7th here in Kerala, at home it’s the 6th. Time really does fly… Isn’t it?....hmmm.
As usually happens in Ramzan with me.. I have become a nocturnal…awake till sehri and waking up just before zohar…. That’s why I have been missing my clinics for the past one week… waise to my time table got upset during the internment….(will mention bout it in confrontation), fir bhi there wud have been hope of getting it right, had it not been for Ramzan….newaz… thankfully, had Orthopaedics.. so cud afford to miss it.. I mean the attendance is not a problem… its needed only if we have a shortage in surgery…. And waise bhi .. even if we don’t go, friends mark everyone present… however, from the academic point of view, its been a loss.. coz.. there is no ortho posting next year.. only a 15 days revision posting….now, the next one is skin.. they say.. and I really pray it’s skin.. coz , here we need to reach at 9am ,…..if its surgery… uugggggggghhhhhhhh
We’ll have to be on time.. and return only by the 12.10 bus.. and sometimes even later….
8 days ka Onam hols have started today…( do I hear a voice saying Kerala Univ has gone mad???????/ wat?????? Its not your voice????? :-o well, then, perhaps its my heart :D ) I really wanted to go home… wud hav cut 2 weeks from skin… wud hav been at home for Eid.. but then cash ka problem hai.. had been home in July…ab within 2 months again itna kharcha……hmmmmmmmmmm……….. but, I don’t know if aisa mauka milega ki nahi… coz final year me to newaz ghar nahi jaa sakenge… 4th year ke last postings bhi I cannot cut…surgery bhi I cannot cut, casualty I can cut.. but.. don want to.. dekhte hai.. shayad medicine udayenge… par waha attendance ka chakkar padega….

{now, when I look at what I have written, I guess I will be posting it in confrontation :D}

To.. here I am in the gr8 Alleppey City… eating stale food for sehri and super expensive food for iftar…..
Why super expensive???????/ again due to that internment syndrome….i got so used to eating from out that I just cant eat from the mess anymore… and esp in Ramzan, (which, in my opinion, is the biggest festival of Muslims), I just can’t it the garbage they cook (Allah forgive me)…..

{no, I will post it in Jalpari :D}

By the way… aaj Azhar ka convocation hai… and guess who is the chief guest?????????? Its Abhinav Bindra.. the one who got India her first solo gold in the Olympics…….

{ok, I will post it in both :D}
Allah Hafiz


KASHUR said...

Hey do you fast in S Arabia time or customary Indian time. I mean is Ed celebrated there.

KASHUR said...

and when--may be day before when we celebrate in Kashmir