Tuesday, October 14, 2008

3D Indiana

We had the 3D Indiana demonstration in our audi today… I had been seeing its posters in the college but, had thot it’s bout some textbook… newaz, today I came to know that it is bout some software developed by a certain Dr. Jerome Kalister and his team…. It’s some software that can help us study anatomy better… presents the human body in 3D with all inner structures perfectly shown, etc… the good part was that this was the first time such a detailed thing of anatomy had been developed in India, and that too by a Keralite ( going with the way my obsession for Kerala is increasing, there’s no surprise how excited I got hearing a Kerala achievement!!:D)………… but, but, but… the real thing remains…. This Keralite is not just a Dr. from some college………….. but the best college on this planet “Alleppey Medical College” :D :D :D :D :D :D……….. so, in no way was I goin to miss this…
When Ani and I reached the college Ansar, the King, :D, gave her the work to fold some pamphlets for Intermedicos ( we are hosting the Intermeds this year, probably in the last week of November…….my b’day will go un noticed :( sob! Sob! ) and soon she was given the work for staff registration, in which I helped her… I committed the sin of not recognizing the HOD Anatomy, and bout this incident I shall mention l8r, prolly in another post.

It had been organized by the Kalister Foundation, all the 1st year students and staff from Calicut, Trivandrum, Thrissur and Kottayam along with Alleppey Medical College, all staff and students were invited…. We were given snacks :D :D :D .. from The Oven, Kochi… :D :D lolz…
Newaz after the registration, we went for the demo….
Twas really good….
It shows a male body, which can be viewed from all sides (its 3D, I dunno why am I being so stupid) we can focus on any part of the body (unlike many other softwares, and cds, which offer parts of body sectioned according to their preference…) hide and unhide the structures, the veins, arteries, nerves, muscles one by one…. We can just make the muscles transparent, without hiding them, enabling us to see how structures behind them pass….and all those stupid relations…
It’s a beautiful and detailed body.. we were shown only the upper limb, coz, if I didn’t get it wrong, he told that it is a 1500 GB stuff!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I heard it wrong…. I don know.. will ask someone l8r and confirm… Azhar isn’t willing to believe it’s so big!!

Well, whatevs,, all things said, Dr.Shenoy, the famous researcher doctor working even after his retirement, told something that really made sense.. that to be able to study anatomy with this program or whatev it is called, we need to be really good at computers and first master the various applications of this software… will all the teachers be able to learn it? (coz’ for sure it showed, the person sittin at the computer today wasn’t able to do it well, and that really brought down the quality of the demo!!) besides we shudn neglect the fact that anatomy isn’t easy, and people take time to learn things… and benefiting from these presentations wud mean the children shud come to class after they have studied the content, this in addition to the other 2 subjects plus the record writing, seminars etc etc…
I personally feel it will be good for presentations and seminars but how much can it help us in studies, I aint that sure….i mean suppose it IS the mind wobbling 1500 GB, how can ne1 have access to it if he needs to see stuff in the hostel or at home, while studying???hmmmmmmm…
It is proposed to be gven to all the medical colleges (govt) in kerala, not sure of India. And if I heard right , they will be including many other things like physiology and pharmacology into this anatomy thingie! (I’m not sure of what they really meant, but, surely they did mean something:D)
Then Dr. Krishnamma, our first year external and Dr. Jerome’s teacher in his first year.. went up to the dais to speak.. she was all praises for him… which he rightly deserves….
Something Kerala and esp our college shud be really proud of… btw I heard that he completed his MBBS in a very long time coz, he had gone to do other stuff has even won some national level awards in something I didn’t understand… Dr.Sukumaran, our Surgery HOD was his immediate senior, but due to his lag….he was still a student of Surgery when Dr. Sukumaran had already started teaching in Alpy….
Newaz..nothing goes waste…. Even though he took many many years to finish his course..isn’t he bigger than many whom we call ‘bhujis’..
A hearty congrats to Dr. Jerome and his team.

P.S- I have written as if it happened today, though it was actually yesterday… am sorry for that.
P.S 2- Cudn upload pics on blogger,:((

Allah hafiz

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