Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Casualty Day 1

Yesterday was day 1 of Casualty posting… It’s actually supposed to be ‘Surgery Casualty’, but, 90th Batch had decided to attend both Medicine and Surgery… so the previous batches (B, C) used to go to Medicine in the morning and Surgery in the evenings… We had thot of doing the same…
Now, just to explain wat’s the hype bout Casualty .. it is a posting in the Emergency Medicine, as some people call it…(there’s no attendance required, and you can come to the casualty to learn things even when you are in the first year (provided you understand anything so early in the course)) people tell (and I hope what they tell is true) that this is a good chance to learn…. Probably coz’……. Welllll, ummmmmmmmmmmmmm .. hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I don know why it’s said to be a good time to LEARN, I personally believe it’s just something that can make you strong mentally in that you know how to react, how to get on your feet and start working when someone is brought with a bleeding head, with the relatives crying and blood, blood, blood everywhere…… it’s just an advanced training given to make us the most cold-hearted group of people on this planet…..
{ rite now im listening to 1 of my most fav songs.. maname manmizhiyale, Malayalam dubbing of a telugu song  this is just a too beautiful song… though I don understand the words much….. I like the video, the film, the actors, and the music… }

Ok… so, we were supposed to go to Medicine casualty at 9 am, but, I got a mesaage telling that we r goin to surgery, coz’ we have got to meet Dr. Sukumaran, our surgery HOD, just informin him that we r joining casualty from that day…….. so, we went to the department , saw Sir, and without even asking us who, what, why bout nething, he told us to meet Dr. Anilkumar……. Then began our treasure hunt , the treasure being a certain Dr. Anilkumar, bout whom we know nothing………….. a tresure hunt in which we didn’t succeed, and so with a heavy heart we went to the OP and told Sir that all we wanted was to inform him that we r joining…… His reply was “This is the O.P” all the other docs started laughing…. Aish repeated .. “Sir, we begin our casualty posting from today” …….. Sir repeated “ This is the O.P” and again the Gods of surgery started laughing at the mere mortals standing before them………. Thanx for the ‘chori’…we smiled………..knowing that 2 months of intensive chori has started ….:D (our posting after casualty is Surgery) newaz.. we went to the casualty, but, as was expected, there were no cases,so, we thot of returning……
(now, this is the time the other gals were chatting bout the 3D Indiana thing, bout which I will write l8r)
Bt, then we remembered that Aish and Anju had to give us a treat for getting a distinction in 2nd Prof examz…… we went to Ice Mist, I had a fruit salad…. Pista scoop. :D… then Anisa and I went to the college.. others went home….

The evening casualty started at 6 for me, coz I returned late from the 3D Indiana thingie…. Others had gone at 4.30..

There was a lady there, bleeding from the nose and ears… she had met with an accident, bike accident, her school- going son was riding the bike….. it was more painful to see the boy, than the lady…. He was in his uniform, really tall, but, his face showed that he was actually very young…. He was crying. Not like shouting and beating his chest, but, caressing his mom’s head and shedding silent tears…..we cud all make out what he felt at that time… that he was responsible for his mom’s condition…. But, soon the lady, Zeenath, was taken away…

The next case we saw was of a boy, 15 yrs of age, in the 7th standard, who entered limping and holding his head and wincing with pain….. twas a case of assault and there were policemen…. Apparently, the boy had gone out to buy books and was assaulted by a gang of boys….. possibly this boy was in some panga with the boys who attacked him… we feel for the patient, but, we never know how good or bad a person the patient is… I don’t mean anyone deserves to be injured, all I mean is that perhaps, he walked into the lion’s den himself.. we can never be sure….. newaz…. He had a bleeding injury on his head, a fracture too I think, though I aint sure.. and a bandage around his right hand… when it was removed, we saw the thumb hanging, attached to the rest of the body to which it rightly belonged, by a thin piece of skin….a fresh bandage was wrapped, fluid started and he was sent for getin an x-ray done…

Then, there came a lady with a blood sugar of 272, diabetic ulcer foot (2nd toe)gangreneous…, strangely, the son told that this ulcer started 2 weeks back….probably they didn’t like her 2nd toe and so just sat happily at home seeing the ulcer go from bad to worse… God !!!!! newaz… it had to be amputated!

Then the doc who is a gr8 example of a person who’s got a magetic personality ( his name slips from my memory--- it’s one of those typical kerala names like jojo, mojo, sijju, biju, bini, chiny, tinu, minu,pinchu, tinchu, bibu, libu) started asking us bout ‘ diabetic foot’….

Zeenath, the lady I spoke of earlier, returned, and had projectile vomiting. She had been taken away for a CT Scan…there was a sub-arachnoid haemorrhage and cerebral oedema . if, a surgery is needed, she will have to be referred to Kottayam Medical College Hospital coz Alleppey MCH cant deal with it (pathetic!!!), the sadder part is that just to know if a surgery is needed or not, we have to wait for the neurosurgeon, who was telling us how to read a CT a few minutes ago, but, now has gone somewhere ( and we cant call him coz’ of some reason which my bleak knowledge of Malayalam didn’t allow me to understand, and I didn’t get the time to ask someone to translate) . and Alpy has only one neurosurgeon, coz of the Alpy phobia, due to which docs from other places don’t like workin here… or whatev be the reason, I dunno ,…………the surgeons told her husband that’s it’s serious definitely, but we can’t do anything until the NEUROsurgeon arrives,………. However, she cud be taken to Kottayam rite away… coz newaz , possibly, she’d have to be taken to KMC hospital newaz………
They left for Ktym widin minutes…

Sir continued askin us all that we didn’t know… and it was getting late.. we had to return by the 8.30pm ambulance…. He went on and on and on, asking us questions which soon turned into homework (that we r supposed to know by today) coz’ we cudn answer any….
Finally he told, “So, you agree that you don’t know anything bout diabetic foot ?”
We nodded
“You agree that you didn’t study anything in your previous posting?”
Nod nod nod nod……Ha mere bhai,... we agree!!!
“You agree that you are absolutely nil in your basics?”
A nod with a sweet smile hiding the grinding of our teeth inside….
…… I was like “cut the crap out man! You win, we lose! You are a surgeon and we undergraduate shits! You the zenith and we the zilch! We are defeated, fallen flat on the face… you can sleep peacefully>>>>>>>> you have done your work…. Now, please ……….. it’s 8.20, can we leave?” of course…. All this told in my heart…
Well, the Surgeon Janaab was merciful enuf to let us go……..

Sad part… no ambulance!!! We waited for a long time with four locals lookin at us like they are seeing the creations called “females” for the first time in their lives…. Crap!!
At last,Anju anna, Elizabeth chechi and another chechi (who reminds me of Dr. Pragya Gautham, uh! And whose name neither anju nor I knew, both chehis from 88th ), returned by a Fast Passenger…..

A busy day……………..
Sad part wasn’t the cases I saw, bt, the fact that we (medical people) can actually laugh and think of other things standing in a room where people are crying thinking of life and death……………..well, how much emotions can be allowed in our profession, I don’t know…. What I know is that, no one becomes a doc to SERVE humanity… though we r treated as animals by the govt.), we all are here for reasons far from SERVICE……. This is the way we earn our bread and butter…. and if we need to think, we need to stop feeling, for that moment at least………. We can’t stop living……

Allah hafiz

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