Friday, October 17, 2008

Casualty -day 5

hmmm . . Didnt go for the morning casualty, there were no afternoon classes. . . And again didnt attend the evening casualty. . . :)
but, i had gone yesterday. . . Though i didnt really want to. . But got so bugged that went to the duty H.S room and was simply lyin down , listenin songs. . . . Went to have dinner, then returned in the ambulance. . . A real waste of time. . . Two cases :>
1. A police case, a man brought a severely injured patient. . . And was ready to sign the permission form, though they weren related in any way. . . .we thot. . . Wow, aaj ke duniya me aisa aadmi. . . .
huh! L8r cm to knw dat dey were relatd alrite, he jst din wana tel he's related to a man involvd in a police case. . . .
2. An unconscious man, tight on daaru was brought by a boy, and this boy wasnt willing to give any signature wagairah.. He SAHI MEI wasnt related to the patient, he told , he brought the patient here so that he could be saved, thats all, he wasnt interested in doin any more. . He had done enough. . . :) lolz. . . Wow aaj ke duniya mei itna bhi mil jaae to gr8 hai. . :)
Allah hafiz


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