Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dermatology in 6th semester

Skin is over. Twas a really good posting (though I didn’t attend a handsome part of it :D)
But, still I liked the classes I did attend…in fact, I feel it’s a really good option for PG and even otherwise, if you practice as a physician or even if you are in any other speciality, you wud need to know Skin well, since it’s a very common presenting complaint. It was only after this Skin posting that I realized that all the really really common infections we come across like Insect Bite Reaction, head louse infestation , generalized itching, acne, hairfall etc. etc. are all included in this field..
Maam was telling that we shud pay attention to Skin (and every clinical posting, for that matter) coz’ as doctors, we shud be able to atleast prescribe basic medicines for all conditions… and even if we cannot treat, we shud be atleast in a state to be able to describe the lesions in a decent manner at the time of giving referrals….( she mentioned how, many house surgeons posted in Medicine refer patients to Skin describing the lesions as simply “ITCHY LESION” instead of the accorded method of description :D)
I hadn’t attended any more than 3 days during my 3rd year Skin ( this was because I was depressed due to a certain incident which, I think, deserves a separate post) and so cudn benefit much that time either…. But, I must say, I liked skin a lot…
Today(well, actually, yesterday!) was the end posting bout which I have mentioned in the post that I took from another blog of mine, Jalpari.
Here are the questions…

Dermatology End-Posting
Total Marks= 50, Time Allotted = 1 hr.

1. “Leonine facies” is seen in
(a) HDTT (b)HDBT (c)HDBB (d)HDLL
2. Antigen presenting cells of skin are
(a) Langerhan’s cell (b) Keratinocyte (c) Melanocyte (d) Merkel cell
3. Target lesions are seen in
(a) Pemphigus (b) Lichen planus (c) Erythema multiforme (d) Psoriasis
4. “Herald Patch” is seen in
(a) Lichen planus (b) Pityriasis alba (c) Psoriasis (d) Pityriasis rosea
5. The most specific histopathological finding in chromoblastomycosis is
(a) Asteroid bodies (b) Sclerotic bodies (c) Sulphur granules (d) Schauman bodies
6. The most commonly associated HLA in psoriasis is
(a) HLA B27 (b) HLA B8 (c) HLA DR3 (d) HLA CW6
7. Acantholytic cells are seen in
(a) Pemphigus (b) Bullous Pemphigoid (c) Dermatitis herpetiformis (d) Eczemas
8. Koilocytes are seen in
(a) Molluscum contagiosum (b) Verruca vulgaris (c) Impetigo (d) Cow pox
9. Diagnostic lesion in scabies is
(a) Papule (b) Vesicle (c) Burrow (d) Nodule
10. Myiasis is caused by larva of
(a) mosquito (b) hookworm (c) sarcoptes scabiei (d) house fly

II Short Notes
1. Classify Hansens Disease and briefly describe BT
2. Lepra Reactions
3. Treatment of Psoriasis
4. Dermatophytosis
5. Pityriasis rosea
6. Condyloma acuminate
7. Urticaria
8. Pemphigus vulgaris

That’s all for this post
Allah hafiz

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