Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dermatology text book- Illustrated Synopsis of Dermatology & Sexually Transmitted Diseases

This post is specially to tell about the text book “Illustrated Synopsis of Dermatology and Sexually Transmitted Diseases” by “Neena Khanna”

This is one sexy text book… All the important points are covered, but still the book isn’t lengthy… it doesn’t go too deep into each topic, nor does it just-brushes-through. This combined with a little bit of Robbins will be more than enuf ( I think) if you going to practice as a General Physician or if you come across a Dermat case in your family, friends, or if you are in any other speciality….
The book also has some really clean pictures, that again, I would say, are sufficient to understand, going by the fact that you don’t necessarily understand the difference among all the lesions that you see during clinics ( I seriously believe that we shud be allowed to take pics of the cases that we see during clinics, coz’ it’s always better to be able to remind yourself of what YOU actually saw instead of what the books say or show, besides, normal students like me who don’t have a photocopy memory, tend to forget the way lesions looked…. Plus … 23 students( in rare cases of full attendance) crowding into one small OP doesn’t leave much space for every single student to examine the case to their hearts content, besides, patients are humans…. Doctors shudn ever forget.)
So, my point is that this is a really nice book for Skin ( of course, you need to study it, if you want it to be of any use)…. I have the 2nd edition..that’s the latest…
Happy Studying :D
Allah hafiz

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