Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just Another Day

So, where do I begin?... I’m again stuffed up with things to write… ok …one at a time…lemme first write bout today…
Nothing really eventful…bas kuchh things yaha and kuchh things waha..
1. Had my Skin end posting exam today (it’s supposed to be a test at the end of
all clinical postings (though only few departments actually conduct it) to judge how much the future doctors have learnt ( or not learnt :D) bout identifying and treating diseases.) I hadn’t studied, as usual, and so the paper wasn’t good… though I wrote two short notes really well.. both were on leprosy… had been studying that yesterday :) … ( I shall be posting the questions in Confrontation since I fear I will lose the questions)…..
since, puja holidays are going on, most of the students didn’t attend the one lone class today, and that too for a test!!! Huh!!! We were only 9 out of 23 students (only one boy). Newaz, after the test, we went to meet the teachers and say them tatas, coz’ probably we won’t see them again… ( there’s no Dermatology posting next year and even in House Surgeoncy, it’s an optional one). More bout skin in CoNfRoNtAtIoN.

2. I walked back to college from Neerkunnam (that’s the place where we have
our new sexy hospital, … only very few departments have been shifted as of now, the rest still remaining in Alleppey Town), got my eyebrows done from Twinkle, then went to the library, and sat in the reading room, doing what??? Orkutting.. what else? Now, Gauthaman chettan was sitting there preparing for PG entrance, with that Medicine book (Mudit Khanna or Ashish Gupta, whichev, am not sure of the author) and Harrison’s (a PG level text book which all the doctors will recommend you during your undergraduation, but, please don’t bother if you are not among them whom we call “insanely padhakoo” ok??). Just then, Anisa pops in her head from the door, and seeing me sitting there starts off with her fantastic Hindi…. Now, just as a bit of useless information, Anisa and I have named the “Reading Room”( a room just in front of the Library where you can bring your own books and read, even chat with your friends, have your lunch, charge your mobiles, have postings (I mean the galfrnd boyfrnd posting :D) have informal Union meetings, sleep, sit, walk, disturb others, etc., etc… it’s also called “Day-Schys’ Room”) ---- DAVIDSON (after a medicine text (UGlevel)) and the library’s magazine section HARRISON (the PG text bout which I mentioned above)…actually this started as a sarcastic way of teasing me coz’ these are the only two places in the library where you can find me, but, never in that part of the library which actually deals with Medical books, so, Anisa says “Oh… you are going to the library?????????? To study HARRISON or DAVIDSON??????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!” that kinds!!!!
Newaz, so today too… we strted talking bout whether or not we should study Harrison ( meaning should we go in and read magazines), she kept telling that she doesn’t want to and I kept telling ‘ are nahi, chalo na, padhenge’
Now, the problem here is that------ Gauthaman chettan could have felt that we were chorifying him as he was sitting just opposite to us and reading HARRISON(the real text, not our magazines) ( chhedofying (Hinglish), teasing/mocking at (English), chorifying is Manglish… literally translated to English, it’d mean “scratching” :D). coz’ coz’ coz’ he has just written his final year papers, the results are not yet out, people wud be enjoying their last holidays in the Medical profession, but he was ACTUALLY screwing it up by studying and that too not in the comforts of home, but, in those stiff DAVIDSON chairs instead!!!!!!!! Ughhhhhhh….. we didn’t think of all this at that point but, l8r, sitting in HARRISON we realized that chettan cud have actually taken offence, and can bring out his ‘krodh’ l8r… besides, if he HAS taken offence, he mite just say others that 2 junior gals were chorifying him………… and then…………. It wud be a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggggggggggggg issue…..
Newaz, nothing can be done now…. Lets c…. :(
3. The weather here is really bad today…. It’s so damn hot that even the fan
seems to be circulating air that’s as hot as the air from the back of an air conditioner…not just hot, it’s extremely humid today… I’m feeling like I’ve just had a bath with steaming hot fevicol….
Dyu remember that Fevistik ad which goes “chip chip chip chip chip chip chip chip”? just like that……….

This post has already khichofied so much…I better end it here.
P.S. this will also be posted in Confrontation
Allah hafiz

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