Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On why I wont attend casualty

No more casualty day 1 day 2 etc…coz I wont be going for casualty, at least not this week…
Firstly, coz’ it gets quite boring in between cases…. And secondly, and most importantly, I’m a lazy ass…..
Well, yeah yeah!! I had written in an earlier post that I really wanted to attend casualty, but, then.. you know jeevan is very uncertain… kab kisse pyaar ho jaaye, kab kisse dushmani, kab kya achha lagne lage, kab kya bura.. we never know!!! :D

{plz excuse me::: I’m finding it very difficult to type today, coz my nails have grown 3mm (approx) beyond the edge….and I’m feeling so irritated….. I never keep long nails, I think its dirty, wrong, and stupid to grow (of all things, that a person can possibly grow) nails!!!! I don’t understand wats actually happened, but until yesterday I felt they cud wait for a few more days.. and today suddenly, I see them 3mm long (it’s really long for a person like me!).. not just my nails, even my waxed hands have suddenly become “bhalu hands”… but newaz, it’s not troubling me like these stupid nails….sad part is that today is a Tuesday and I don’t cut nails on Tuesdays and Saturdays,……….uuuuggggggggggghhhhh!!!!!}

Now my friends are really bothered bout me… I mean, they really want me to attend clinics and learn something so that I can become a decent, if not good, doctor…. Amuda today came up to me and asked what do I do sitting in my hostel all alone (I don’t live in my college hostel, but, in a private one… where I have no batch mates… just a senior, and 1 junior)… I told that I read, sleep, read, chat, read, watch movies, read, blog, and read some more…… and she was like “ haaaaaaaa gr88888…. Almas has come from sooooooooooo faaaaarrrrr away, only to sleep read and chat….”
Somewhere in my heart, I know it’s wrong…coz’ mummy also keeps telling me “thoda padh lo Kiran, itna door tumko sirf padhai ke liye hi to bheje hai, warna humko kya shauk hai tumse door rehne ka”
:( :( :( :(
Oh mummmmmmmyyyyyyyy plzzzzzzzz don’t speak like that………
Boo hoo …..sob sob ….sniffle sniffle….
But, look now… I have found out many reasons why I should not actually go for casualty….
1. there’s no compulsory attendance…… just the fact that there’s no attendance required speaks a lot bout this thing called casualty…..
2. the cases that come here are all emergency case…. We will never be given emergency cases for our exams….. I mean, use your heads.. we cannot possibly be given such cases…
3. the management of emergency cases are all very well written in all the text books.. all you need to do is read….
You mite say that we need to know what shud be done in “OUR SETUP”, (this is the most common thing people tell you whn they want you to attend clinics), well, the answer (I have come to this conclusion after 4 days in casualty, and l8r confirming it with Dr.Shikha (no, she is not a “BIG” doctor… shez another lazy senior, who has finished her course only 6 months bak)) to this is …. “in OUR SETUP, you refer cases to Kottayam”… yupps that’s what you do…
Head injury…. Refer to Kottayam
Plastic surgery… Refer to Kottayam
And even as common a thing as multiple fractures …. Refer to Kottayam..
(I’m really sorry! I don’t mean to say that multiple fractures is something small or minor..i’m just saying that any medical college ka Ortho Department can deal with it, unless ,of course, the treatment required is available in select places or too unconventional….(and no, I haven’t created anything, such cases have ACTUALLY been referred to Kottayam by the SURGEONS , not the housies…ok))
4. the few things that are taught, usually go a bouncer.. coz’ majority of us have a weak base… we don’t know our Anatomy, Physio and Patho properly and so, whatever the docs say, don’t make much sense to us… for correcting this, we need to first sit down and get our initial 7 subjects straight.(ok, make it 6- you don’t need forensic utna bhi zyada) .
5. Anju and Aish were telling me yesterday, that if we go to the casualty, seniors (meaning the housies posted in casualty) tell us what is needed to be studied… but, I think it’s really stupid.. I mean, don’t we all know that everything is needed… the more you study, the better.. tomorrow if you are practicing, you get a case that your ‘senior’ hadn mentioned, will you send the patient back??? I mean, how sillier can you get?? (that’s the prime reason why I don’t get good marks… I find it very difficult to study selections.. it’s like one topic from here and another from there.. that kinds… it is a total rattu process.. hope you know the meaning of ‘rattu’ .. it means learning things by heart…. And to be able to really read, understand and learn.. you need a lot of time and you shud start from day 1 of mbbs and never turn bak… something I never cud do coz’ of the ‘home sickness’ I went thru….)
6. suturing, catheterization etc. are things you need to learn during casualty, I agree… but, tell me if I don’t learn now, will the docs refuse to teach me wen I becum a housie? Will they? Damn it!!! No, they can never refuse.. coz’ they too know it, that it’s the housies who actually run the Alpy Hospital…there is no escaping from the work load during house surgeoncy.. you like it or not.. you know how to or not… you HAVE TO bloody work like an ass!! And you will be scolded, maybe even insulted… for all sort of things, whether you do things perfectly or not…. So no point in wasting your beautiful 4th year, wen newaz you will have to learn it as a housie…
7. wen we were internees… in the labour room, we assisted deliveries…. Had you learnt it beforehand ? ….no.. you hadn… you just stepped into the labour room, with your gloves and gown on… and there you were supporting the head of the baby, holding the instruments, holding the suture material… you were told just once…..the first time, and after that you cud do!!! And after learning, did you never go wrong? Were you never scolded for not holding the sutures in the right way, ….. did you never touch anything unsterile with sterile gloves on?

As internees, are we taught to take deliveries, given the fact that anyways we wud need to do it as housies? No! in fact there are teachers who, if they come to know that any housie or pg tried to teach an internee this beautiful job of takin deliveries, can throw you out of the labour room like a fly is thrown out of a glass of milk….. and if you think we can learn to take deliveries and suture episiotomies so soon, what makes you feel that we wudn be able to catheterize or suture injuries…. ????????? ha???? Tell me tell me… aaj to bol hi do!! :D

So you see…. There’s really no need to attend casualty…:
Be confident and optimistic… inshaAllah we will learn it all as housies :D

Aur waise bhi.. the real time a doctor learns is wen he prepares for PG, coz then he has finished his entire course….he knows a little of everything and so when he reads it again, it seems more coherent thatn when he had read the same thing in 1st year, or 2nd-3rd year….

My suggestion.. try to read as much as possible (well , I mean text books)… coz’
Eyes do not see………….
……………… What the mind does not know…..



Vibhore Gupta said...

i swear to god.. had i been at ur place.. after readin ur post.. i wud hav never gone to attend casualty..

hmmm.. bt i thot tht girls like long nails... here's an exception... interesting..

nd as far as moms are concerned every single one of thm talks tht way.. probably u'll also tlk like her to ur girl.. bt hey.. dnt let her gt hold of ur blog.. ;D

take care.

JaLpArI said...

wow vibhore, i seem to have persuaded at least 1 person 'not' to sttend casualty.. :D

and ya..most of the gals like long nails, they are totally mad females :D....am not :)

and yupps!!! thanks for bringin to my notice... i wil realy have to keep my kids away from this blog!!!!!!!! :D


y aren't you posting nethin??? lukin forward... post soon plz

Unni said...

Nice Reading.

JaLpArI said...

thanx unni

danish said...

wow yaar ... this is d best post i hav ever read ( have read only a few qll my life .. n it started wid ur posts ) ... but this one was really amazing ...can imagine myself in ur position !!!