Friday, October 31, 2008

Spurious associations

Am sitting in Davidson rite now.. dyu remember where it’s ?….. It’s the room in front of our library….
Well, have been really busy drawing the partogram, (it’s a stupid thing in gynaecology), so, I cudn blog for a long time. Newaz, I somehow completed it and submitted it today, and so, have got some time.
Well, we just had a class… an SPM class.. SPM stands for social and preventive medicine.
Now, this is the most boring subject on this planet…. And people who are not doing mbbs (and nursing and also some other stupid medical courses) should thank their stars for not putting them in this mess, where you are forced to study a subject called Community Medicine (another name for SPM)……. This is the only subject that is taught for 3 and ½ years…in First Professional, Second Professional and Third Professional Part A also…The Univ exam is at the end of Third Prof A (that’s the year I’m in now)….
Just to give you an idea of what we learn in SPM.. lemme tell you…
We learn how to disinfect well water, we go to villages and speak to the ‘Community’ and try to find out what the problems of the ‘Community’ are…(more than diseases, it’s how the daughter-in-law troubles the family, how the husband beats the wife, how the children don’t study.. blah blah blah blah blah blah), distribute medicines to the ‘Community’, conduct surveys in the ‘Community’, and at the end contract diseases from the ‘Community’…. (if you haven had chicken pox, and you are told to go to an area that has got a chicken pox epidemic.. what else can you expect?)
Newaz, what I’m tryin to say is that it is the most execrable subject in the MBBS course… and not just me (like, I’m sure you’ll tend to think, if you have read any of my previous posts), but, the whole of the Medical Fraternity is of the same opinion…(and if you come across someone who thinks otherwise, you can very well believe that he/she is not the person you shud go to, in case(God forbid) you fall ill, coz’ such a doctor definitely has some explicit or implicit abnormality in the functioning of his brain…)

But, but, but, but……. Ther is one lady… Dr. Sairu Philip who’s literally magical….(in the way she takes classes, I mean)…. Can you believe that we ACTUALLY listen to her classes?????????? ACTUALLY…
Today, the topic was “Associations and Causation”, the last part of ‘Epidemiology’… very surprisingly, it was an interesting class… (half the credit shud go to maam, the other half to the topic itself), well, so…a little bout wat we learnt….

Well, it’s bout how we tend to make association between the various causes and their effects based on some findings that are true in every sense, yet, are not the real causes…. Such associations are called ‘Spurious associations’ .. an eg… the number of perinatal deaths (deaths around the time of the delivery of the child) per 1000 births in the home deliveries is 5.4, as compared to 27.8 per 1000 births among the deliveries in the hospital…and this, given the fact that the number of births in the hospitals are way more than the births at home…

Hmmm, so, the uneducated people mite end up believing that since the number of delivery deaths in the hospitals are more, better wud be to deliver at home….
Two reasons people can give for the increased deaths in the hospitals are that the aseptic precautions are not really taken care of, and that it’s due to nosocomial infections (hospital-acquired infections, i.e., the infections you acquire from the hospital).
However, in reality the reason is that, the complicated cases are all (usually) brought to the hospital (sometimes the ladies go to docs for chek up, and wen found wid some complications, are admitted in the hospitals… sometimes, wen they don’t visit the docs for chek up… their complications cud manifest (in many ways, that can be omitted here) thus, forcing them to be brought to the hospital), and most of the deaths in the hospital are these complicated cases, those that are brought late, or are simply inadvertent deaths)…
So, we see that if we don’t look into the matter carefully, we cud end up thinking something that is totally wrong….

The second is ‘Indirect Association’.e.g. here is that people who have ‘holes’ in their shirts or pants tend to have lung cancer…. :D… well, it’s actually that people who smoke are in the high risk group for lung cancer, and these people tend to create the ‘holes’ in their clothes by the stub of their cigarettes (now, don’t say no….my own father does it very often, it’s one of the many many reasons of fights between my parents)
Third is ‘Direct Association’ .. that is association between smoking and lung cancer….

Now…… what made me write bout this??? The simple fact that we all tend to be ‘spurious’ in the associations we make….maybe not always, but yes, we do sometimes… we tend to look at what’s visible, and go with it, instead of trying to find out the real reasons…. If only, we use our heads..and not be blinded by what we see and look for the real reason behind things.. our life wud be happier and more fulfilling…. Am not sayin all this without actually practicing it, this is one way in which I keep myself happy, ---- by avoiding ‘spurious associations’… really, it’s one of the best ways to be ‘happy’. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes, and try to reason their actions from their point of views… it may save you from a lot of heart breaks…. Sachi-muchi….:D

Of course, happiness cud have different meanings for different people…. But, this is MY blog, as you all know….. so, the tips of happiness that I give you will only be the ones that I have experienced…:D…. and trust me I’m BASICALLY a happy person….Alhamdulillah… :D

I do feel sad, get angry… and get all screwed up…. But, somehow, these are shorter spells than others wud have faced , had they been in my place….
And the only reason behind it is (besides God, of course) my Zodiac… the lovely lovely Sagittarius…. Not only coz’ we’re optimistic, but also coz’ we are Lady Luck’s favourite :D……

Chalo chalo.. I have to go… Joseph is makin fun of my ‘katha’ (the ‘story’ that I’m typing) :D… more bout Sagis later., gotto take the college bus, there’s a private bus strike today.

P.S- written yesterday

Allah hafiz.


Vibhore Gupta said...

a different person called u....
it's all i've to say....

m saggi tooo...
take care

p.s. wud like to get some more tips on being happy ;)

JaLpArI said...

:) :)
yupps!!! saw that in ur profile..:)

so, y does a sagi need tips on hapines???
pulling my leg???? ;D
lolz.......... :D :D :D

Vibhore Gupta said...

m actually a scorpio-saggi cusp
tht's y...

JOSEPH said...

ur blog is like a class summary i will suggest anybody who has missed the spm class to read your blog keep posting all the spm classes on the blog i think in the end people might study ur blogs for passing spm exam best of luck.well i think sairu madam is the only there who is really interested in doing something forn the departmnet.i think all the weird people are in the spm department,i think spm make the sirs and madams go mad.

happy blogging

JaLpArI said...

@ vibhore
wens ur bday????
newaz happy birth month :D :D :D !!!!!!!!!!!
btw.... dyu have any idea wen does the cusp end, i mean which date????

cusps are confusing.... traits of 2 enemy signs... :p
but there's one thing common , both signs are truthful.... :) :) :)

JaLpArI said...

@ joseph...
sure joseph... you always have gr8 suggestions :)
and if SPM is mad people, YOU definitely, shud take a PG in SPM.... coz' u r the craziest of all :D :D :D :D

Vibhore Gupta said...


mine is 23 nov...
whn's urs??

cusps dates are diff on diff websites ;D

bt the most common saggi & scorp cusp dates are bet 21 nov -23 nov
before 21st scorpio and after 23 saggi..

JaLpArI said...

oh so you are very much in the cusp :)

im also a november baby :)

Vibhore Gupta said...

chalo.. happy bday (advance mein :D)
hmmm fr ur bday i wish tht u eat eat eat nd do lots of bak bak...

take care