Saturday, February 14, 2009

Finally... I'm Back!!!!!!


writing after 3 and a half months.... very bad.. but kya kare????
this post is not really on any particular thing.. just to get me bak on trak... if i dont post now, i dont think i wil ever post again.. so.. lets start againn.. :D ok na?

hmm... 3 postings are over tab se ab tak.
First Sessional Exams (flunked ENT, cleared ophthalm, dont know SPM ka result :D)
and SPM
i cut the whole of Medicine and went home :D :D :D
because im a bad bad girl...
but then its ok...:D
everything's ok.
now very few months remain in the prefinal.... (isn't it scary to think that we already are in final MBBS part 1.... God!!!! i'm happy calling it prefinal...:D)

Dr.Lalita Ambika is planning to start PG coaching and many in our batch may join..
yes, you guessed it rite! i will not :D :D :D
coz im a bad bad girl :D :D :D
got lots of stuff to write...i'll try
seriously i will
now i understand why we dont see many bloggers in the medical community..
its coz this is a bloody sucker field. :(
Allah hafiz

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Anser Azim said...

Almas :you have a very good blog. let me know what are the admission procedures for students from abroad for MBBS in your beautiful island. I might send my son and daughter there. I hope and pray you do well in all your exams and be a muslimah with a knife in the surgery room in near future!!
best wishes with dua
anser azim, Chicago