Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cataract Surgery :)


Well, I maintain my tradition to keep popping into this blog, every once in a while…. This time in a very excited mood! Today, I saw TWO surgeries… and for the first time in my life, I was ACTUALLY watching the surgeries… :) :) I mean we have had two months General Surgery posting in 2nd year, 1 month General Surgery posting in 4th year and also seen a few surgeries in Gynaecology…. But, never did I feel as interested as I did today…. Don know why!:)
We r having our Ophthalmology posting goin on and ther’s no separate ‘theatre day’ as used to be in Surgery. Here, operations are carried out everyday, and three students can go the theatre at a time, to see the operations.. today was my turn…. i went along with Aishwarya and Amuda… we saw two cataract surgeries. :)


It was amazing to see how the docs cud manage dealing with such a delicate organ so well… not that other organs aren’t delicate..but, wat I mean is ‘eyes’ are so small and the procedures also involve instruments and incisions that are so minute. I was amazed!!!
Now, people who know me wud be knowing how gr8 a medico I am and how thrilling the proposition of doing a post graduation seems to me. So, each time I move into a new Department (read: each time I have a new clinical posting), I try to weigh my chances in that Department.. and unfortunately I haven’t yet figured out an area of expertise (possible expertise :D ) that I cud (CUD CUD CUD) fit into.
I have liked so so many streams in medicine. To name a few- Pathology, Medicine, Gynaecology. But, as in all other subjects, in these too, I look for excuses that mite save me from even considering them to be options for my post graduation.
Pathology- I’m not gud with microscopes, so I shudn try to play with the lives of people! I mite end up declaring a patient with a mild fibrotic nodule to be suffering from Breast carcinoma, or say that a malignant melanoma is just a harmless black wart….
Medicine- Anatomy+Physiology+Biochemistry+Pathology+Pharmacology+Microbiology+Radiotherapy+Radiodiagnosis+Dermatology+Psychaitry= Medicine
You think I am crazy????
Gynaecology- bringing babies to this world is not an easy task darling! Besides, the lochia !!!! I can’t spend my whole life swimming in lochia! We need to do ghusl after touching lochia, before we can pray!!!! How many times dyu want me to make ghusl in a day????????????????????????????????/
Newaz…. So, come Ophthalmology and Almas starts luking for excuses again….
Now, since she genuinely likes Biology and MBBS in general, she needs to look for real solid reasons, other wise she wudn be able to convince herself! And the excuse she finds here is- “The lack of hand-eye co-ordination”
:) :) :)

All the operations are done using a microscope, where the docs luk into the microscope and operate with their hands on the eye…. It’s like how in the Mahabharata, my darling Arjuna shot his arrow into the fish’s eye by lukin into the reflection of the fish!!!
Now, now, now!!!
Almas is no Arjuna!!! :D :D :D :D
She becomes a bheegi billi (wet cat ?????!!!!!!:D :D :D) at the thot of doin anything with a scalpel or knife….(or canula or sutures or even filin up investigation forms :D :D)
But, newaz…
Seriously speaking… surgery is a field that can really give you satisfaction (2nd only to Money! Wat a thing to be preceded by! :D)
Ya! It does need a lot of skill, but, at the end of the day, wen u have removed an ulcerated part, an outgrowth, or even an inflamed appendix, it gives you feeling of completeness, of knowing that SOMETHING has been done! It’s a field where you can most of the time, if not always, get some, if not total, result at the time of treatment itself! Contrast it with any other branch of medicine where the treatment usually depends on the patient’s commitment, follow-up and blah blah!!! Here, you can actually take out the gangrenous part of the colon, preserve it in a bottle, and hold it up to the patient and say, “look, here is the monster I killed!”…
The people who got their cat.surgeries done today, mite be able to see in a few days, inshaAllah, and get used to seeing clearer than before. And wen he’ll come bak to meet the doc for follow up and wen the doc will see his pateient WITH VISION, how good will the doc feel!.......
Medicine is like slow poisoning the enemy- you’ve got to wait and wait and wait, and still be unsure if the enemy wud die or not!
Surgery is like holding a pistol at the enemy’s temple and THISHKIAUUUUUU!!!!!
:D :D :D
Of course, Allah is the Almighty! Nothing overpowers His Will, no surgeries, no medications!!!
But, I’m sure you know wat I mean!!!
Newaz gotto go!
Lots of record work to be completed!!
Achha, before I go.. I also saw a patient with congenital cataract yesterday. He’s 34 yrs old, married wid a little baby, never went to skool, got no permanent work, goes to whomever calls him to work……..

Can you imagine not seeing all that you are seeing???????? Can you imagine not being able to look into the screen you are lukin into? Can you imagine never having seen ur baby, ur mum, ur sister? Can you imagine never seeing the sunset? Neve having seen the stars decorating the nite sky?
And can you imagine being a trainer to engineers at a reputed company, in spite of the abovementioned handicap?
Yes, the trainer at Tata Elxsi Bangalore Unit is visually handicapped… He is blind!
Allah hafiz

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