Sunday, April 26, 2009

Internment starts tomorrow :(


got my internment from tomorrow.. labour room posting... I hate it...
well...we had the 1st labour room posting at the beginning of my pre-final year.. 6th sem i mean....
At that time we were all very excited coz' twas a new year.. newaz... now, we r at the end of our pre-final (this is the last posting- 15 days internment, 15 days gynaec wards)....and we r so scared bout the exams and all that we r just not interested in assistin deliveries....
well, so tomorrow inshaAllah id come to know if I'm in the first half or the second...
we r actually 11 students
10-Anju Anna Abraham
11-Anju A.T.
we r divided into first 5 and second 6. or maybe first 6 and second 5. so, my fate will be decided tomorrow.
I wud prefer to be in the second half for Amu and Anisa...but, well. let's see... last time, ma'am had divided us into 5 and 6, but, then she noticed that the first five had only 1 gal, so, she sent me wid the first five and then I had told ma'am ki id be alone while going back to the hostel and blah blah blah blah... she told ki y do you even need to go back??? (we are supposed to stay there 15 days straight)... well, since it was some other ma'am and not Lambi, she had agreed..
don know wat will happen tomorrow.InshaAllah all will be good.
there's another problem.
If ma'am agrees to keep me in the second unit, i'll be having 'night'...but filhaal am not in my 'praying days', so, i rather take 'day' that will be from morning 8 to evening 8.... for one week.
And next week, wen i wud be praying, I'd be having 'night' so i shall only miss Isha and Fajr(of the next morning)... that wud be easier to finish... otherwise, if i have day the next week, i'd have to come back and pray around 18-20 rakaats..
don know!!!
had this conversation wid amuda by sms

Amu: "Man, I hate internment "
Me: "I'm just writing a post on my blog saying the same thing :(. I've been depressed the whole day."
Amu: "Namak orumichu karayam" (we'll cry together)
Me:" Ya .. in chorus... 1 2 3 start.. boo hoooooooo "
Amu: "Nyways will hope for the best"
Me: "Ya, InshaAllah all deliveries will be postponed by 2 weeks, inshaAllah all ladies in and around alpy will go to Kottayam for delivery, or to that beach hospital, where you were born...and inshaAlah there will be no emergencies..And inshaAllah the doctors will be in a good mood.. And inshaAllah everything will be ok,.
Your partner in pain :(
Amu: "dats a good 1. inshaAllah it will be fine; Hurray!"
inshaAllah all will be good
Allah hafiz

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