Saturday, May 23, 2009

labour room revisited :D

Twas my third day of Labour Room posting. I had mentioned in my previous post that I wanted to have a day shift this week coz of the namaz thingie… and that meant being with the first unit. So, God heard my prayers… :)
We are roll numbers 1 to 6 in first unit… Abubaker, Advait, Afzal, Aish, Akhil and me. Actually we did go to LAmbi to ask her to shuffle the numbers and send me in the second unit and let Aneesha enter the first unit (she’s Afzal’s gal frnd and Aish’s best friend) the reason we had given was that Almas wud be alone while going to the hostel coz the others are boys and Aish is a day-schi :D :D :D lolz… lies realy don work wid me… newaz… LAmbi told ki we, as internees, are supposed to LIVE in the internees’ room for 15 days… and not go back to the hostel after each shift…
So, the plan of shuffling numbers flopped big time…. But, since I wanted to have my ‘no namaz’ time during the day shift, I was kind of relaxed…. But Aneesha got really desp bout it… she started crying..
Khair… that was over…
I assisted two deliveries… day was Alhamdulillah ok. But I didn’t get attendance coz I ran to get the bus soon after class was over (at 8.45 pm)…that’s coz the Sisters nite not open the door so late at nite.. I had told them ki I’d be bak by 9 par I was late. That made me super desp and I shouted at mummy. God knows why I do this,,,, and then I was soooooooooooooo sorry… I called up mummy so many tines to say sorry,
I luv my parents,,,, :)

This was written on the third day of my labour room, jaise ki likha hai…. I slept mid way….posting it newaz… coz im so fed up of deleting half written things, I have decided I will post all my half written things from now on… maybe it will stop me from doing it again.
Allah hafiz

Thursday, May 14, 2009


so, inshaAllah me's gonna start studying today. And ya, my college has lost affiliation. I hope we get it back soon as otherwise our centre for exam may be shifted. :( newaz. Paid the tata bill and exam fees and didnt attend theory classes today. Came back and slept as otherwise will have to sleep in the evening.
had masala dosa and one uzhunuvada and one nimbu pani nd one pista sharbat for lunch.
nw had idli sambhar and black coffee. Will have chaya too :)

eyes hurtin.
tata shop has been shifted from vellakinar to irumbupalam, near Campus Collections. Wasted 20 rupees and lots of time goin to the old shop to learn that its moved.

Allah hafiz

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tired And Stinking !!!

i reached the hostel 15 minutes ago, . . . Had my lunch of puttu kadla (the breakfast ammachi had kept for me) . . Now its 12.15 pm . . . Class starts at 1 pm . . .
i am stinking. Gotto have my bath, pray fajr ka kaza, zohar , get ready and leave. . . Dont really think can make it for the 1st hour. . . Will go for the 2pm class inshaAllah. . .
we had a sexy discussion on post-menopausal bleeding by LAmbi. . . I am totally in love with that female. . . newaz. I am tired. And i came to know that we have an end posting of SPM after two weeks. :( i am screwed. Then final sessionals from 27th and universities from 22nd june.
i am YET to start with my studies . .
Well. . . Gotto go now.
Allah hafiz.

Last day of internment

"Close thine eyes and as thou sleepest, Heaven will change thy fortune from Evil to Good."

waiting for this last day of internment to get over. Its 7 am. One more hour to go, but its goin to be more hectic today than other days. Baaki days mei we used to return to the hostel (though we were not allowed to) every morning, but today, since our internment gets over and ward posting starts, we will have to go to the wards straight from the labour room and all of us are in O1 unit that is the HOD 's unit and that lady "LAmbi" is such a terror that if you meet her, you'd say Hitler was a merciful man . Newaz. I like her, nevertheless. . She's got power. And power is always a turn on. Her name is 'Lalithambika Karunakaran' btw . And she is an over -dedicated lady.

I had completely forgot to write, well. . . I put TWO sutures to an episiotomy :) :) :) :) skin sutures :) :)
The housie was Dr. Ancymol J. :)
And it was a Saturday :) :) :)

and dont ask me how come i am on blogger thru my mobile.
Allah hafiz