Monday, June 8, 2009

On my exams and love for Kerala :)

writing after a really really long time. Well, have my final sessionals. Theory is done. . . Practicals on . . Had my SPM prac today, family folder was on immunization. . . Clinico-social cases were based on filariasis and geriatrics. Went well, Alhamdulillah. Tomorrow's a hol. . . A batch ke students are sleeping. But Almas hadn written her record on time, so she is awake. . . . Writing . . Filhal to on her blog. . . After sometime inshaAllah in the record too :)
will update bout my other papers later inshaAllah. . . Newaz . . Twas bad. . . I cleared Spm though, Alhamdulillah :) will fail in ent and ophthalm . . . Pakka :( newaz. . .
and ya, we haven lost affiliation. . That was some madness spread by the news walas. . .
btw IMC is in love with our college , probably. . . They are totally stuck with us. . . They were here only a few weeks ago, (when i wrote bout the affiliation). . . And today they were here again. . . And the whole Alleppey Medical College Campus looked like a parking lot. A parking lot full of cars with the 'medico' logo . . . (please visit jalpari-my other blog, just in case you have never had the good fortune to see th medicine symbol :) )
newaz. . . Am in the college hostel tonite, for combined study (no one is studying).
got drenched in the rain today.
the realization that am entering final year is filling me with a hundred emotions. . . Fear. . . Nostalgia. . . . Love. . . And the blah blahs :) . . . With each passing day, my stay in Kerala is shortening. Dont know if i shud be happy bout returning home. . . Or sad bout leavin this state that i have come to love so much, the state that didnt give me friends, didnt give me a plug point, didnt give me a stable 'time table' of exams so i could plan my visits home, the state that didnt give me good food, and yet, the state which i love with all my heart. . . . For teaching me all that she did, for giving me a 'state' to call my 'own'. . For being my home for that part of my life which is considered the most beautiful by so many. .i came here when i was almost 18 . . Am 21 and a half now . . Lets see how many more years in God's Own Country. :)
and well. . . We never know. . :) who knows i return back to this place? ? ?
newaz. .
got to write 6 cases, . . Am goin :)
Allah hafiz

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