Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 4 Medicine- OP

Had a gr8 presentation on Plantar Reflex by Aboobaker….
Then OP….
Nothing gr8…
Will be having end-postings…
Life is shit filhaal!!!
I hate everything….
SFI won… in our batch Sangeeth won…
Got angry at mummy for no reason.
Life is really shit.
Allah hafiz

Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 3-Medicine.. Seminar on "Pneumonia"

Day was Alhamdulillah oki.
I took another GI case today, presentation was only with haematemesis and melena… cudn make a diagnosis. Liver palpable normal, I’m mentioning it coz that’s the only finding I got. :D :D :D :D the patient wasn’t able to speak properly… these things scare me to death.. Allah plz .. for my exam.. give me a patient who speaks CLEAR Malayalam.. SIMPLE Malayalam… knows English to a certain extent .. and best wud be if he knows Hindi/English completely….
:( :( ….
Newaz… I asked most of the things from his wife…
Another thing that scares me a lot is the patient’s reaction… I mean, I’m just too scared to ask patients to do anything.. I feel they are goin to shout at me… :( .. I end up examining patients very superficially….
Like today… I didn’t even check for ascites, thought he was a GI case and had a sexy alcohol history…. With abdominal distension as well. :(
Gotto learn a lot of Medicine… and lots and lots and lots of Malayalam.
I have learnt the name of all our juniors..
92nd- Ajeesh, Amal, Amritha, Aneesha, Ancy
95th- Akanksha, Afzal, Abhilash, {another gal…I forgot her name :( }
PGs- Dr. Abhilash, Dr. Deepak, Dr. Savita………
From 6th… 89th will be coming for their revision posting.. they’re our seniors.. :( so, preference MAY be given to them… but, then… c’mon .. we r all final years now!!!!!!!!!!!
Newaz… 92nd will be leaving by then.. so that is good.. otherwise twud have got very very crowded….

Afzal (our Afzal.. not the junior) tuk a malaria case for a just-in-case-case-presentation.. I mean, we were to have our seminar… but then we never know teachers na!!!!!! so well.. he told he palpated the spleen…… :( :( :( :( ……..i mean good for him but :( :( :( :( for me… I cant palpate anything other than the liver and that too in a way very different from the other students :( ………….

Then we had our presentation.. went well, sabhi ka.. Alhamdulillah….
And ya before that during the rounds…. We stood with ma’am.. she told us sooooooooooooooooooo many chhota chhota things… she’s so nice…
Actually, all teachers are nice… it’s we who don’t work, don’t answer them and irritate them… and then get chorified…… huh!!!
Saw Dr. Raseela today… :) :) …… she’s soooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful :) :) she is Dr. Lalithambika’s sis…. Lambi is also soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful :) :) ….and they teach beautifullyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy……

We were left at 12.30 today….. missed the college bus, walked down to the college, met Anisa, :) :) :) :) Also met Mr. Irresistible. :) :) :)
The micro topic for tomorrow is Plantar Reflex by Aboobaker..
And the topic for next Friday is “Hepatic Encephalopathy”
Tomorrow we have OP…..Tomorrow there’s an election in our college….
Anyone reading this..
“Whenever you have election.. plz vote for SFI… SFI rocks” :) :)

For Chairman-
SFI candidate- Vaisakh (92nd)..and me thinks he’s the third most handsome boy in the college.. :) :) [ the most handsome is Prasanth (88th)… and second most is Ben (90th) :) :) .. Mr. I …. Is too Irresistible to be compared to anyone….well… actually all those boys are dark.. you know I love dark men….. but Mr. I is a ‘case’ for me….. not my ‘conventional choice’…newaz..]
KSU- Sachin (94th)

For Arts Club Secretary-
SFI candidate-Rahulan
KSU- Bijith

For UUC-
SFI candidates- Jasim (that sweeto boy :) ), Biran Roy….
KSU- George (my b’day mate) .. I don know if there’s someone else… must be… newaz… I am gonna vote for SFI.. so I don really bother bout KSU….

You know wats bad bout KSU--- they use Rahul, Priyanka’s pic for campaigning…
They did that last year too…. :( :( I loooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeee Rahul Priyanka…. But no. that wont make me vote for KSU..ive told many times earlier…. In Kerala, I love the Left…. Whatever be my preferences outside Keralam…

And there’s goin to be elections for the batch reps too…
In 90th, Afzal is from SFI and Sangeeth from KSU…..

Wen we had joined college, there was no KSU pheSU….

Have I told u that Mr. I is a Leftist???????
I mean seriously Leftist!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not like… chumma SFI support….
That is something many of us do…. Many in our college are Congress supporters otherwise… but in college politics, we r all SFI waales….jaise ke me… anisa… baaki I don’t think I shud name…
But Mr.I is a pakka Leftist….. :) :) …

Newaz…Toh well.. mera haath definitely Congress ke saath hai.. par kal mera vote jaega SFI ko…. Lolz.... however silly that sounds.. :p

Allah hafiz.

Day 2 Medicine

Day was Alhamdulillah gr8..
Class on BP by Dr. Legha…. Then discussion on Lymph Nodes (case was hemiplegia.. by Advait) by Dr. Legha…
i tried to take a case of varices..
Got seminar tomorrow… Complications of Pneumonia
Homework.. dher saara.. didn’t do.. inshaAllah later. Now gotto sleep.
Wrote a long post for Jalpari.. isliye.. abhi yaha par nahi likhenge zyada..
Its 2.30 am.. wow! pata nahi wen wil I do the hw.
Allah hafiz

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 1 Medicine- Pneumonia

So today was the first day of Final Year, Alhamdulillah :) …went well. Dr. Legha, the HOD, told our unit (her unit) at the beginning itself that we r not allowed totake leave in Final Year. *sad*sad*…. Lets see wat happens at the end…
She also told that we have a staff shortage and inspite of that the Department gives due attention to the final years. So, we shud make use of it. And that if attendance in the theory classes will be below 50%, classes wont be conducted.
She told that Trivnadrum too doesn’t have Theory classes… the punishment of lack of attendance wud be dat we’ll have to study on our own. :/

We had a case presentation... by Aboobaker.. to Dr. Padmakumar…
Now, just as a piece of info to the few people who read this blog… my unit members are
1.Aboobaker Siddiq
2.Advait M.K.
3.Afzal Mohammed
4.Aiswarya Dhanapalan
5.Akhil P.Suresh
6.Almas Shamim

So the case was Pneumonia superimposed on COPD.
The discussion went well. Sir, did it really systematically… explaining us how to reach a diagnosis…
The patient had fever and haemoptysis along with purulent cough.. indicating infection.
The patient had left sided chest pain, movements were restricted on the left side, vocal fremitus was increased, and percussion had a dull note… indicating left sided consolidation.
COPD cud be found out by the history… 20 yrs of smoking history.. and recurrent respiratory infections initially… later moving into an almost continuous infection for 8 yrs…. No relief seen.

x-ray showed consolidation on the left side and compensatory emphysema on the right side. Th costo-phrenic angle was obliterated (lt) and fibrotic strands cud be seen.
mmmm.. that’s all I remember in this case.

We also have a symposium on Pneumonia this Friday… my topic is Complications of Pneumonia.

During the rounds, Legha Ma’am showed us many X-rays… and told some chhota chhota points.
Like in the patient whom I spoke bout, she showed us many nail changes.. then told bout the nail changes in the various systemic diseases.
Explained us how to read an X-ray. I mean the sequence… and then .. mmm.. dats all I remember.

I, personally, took a case…. No diagnosis.. only chest pain… admitted day before yesterday.
Later Aish told me that we shudn be takin such cases coz they don’t have any findings and so wont be kept in the exam…. We cant even rite it in our case record. (btw, we have to submit our case record at the end of every week.. its an eight week posting). Well.. watevs… since the admission this week was low, there weren’t many cases in the ward…( M1 ward… don’t know bout the other Units). And so, tis goin to be really difficult this week for us to find cases to present and for the record.
I also saw a case which presented with generalized oedema…. He;s had diabetes for the past 10-12 years….
And I really need to learn Malayalam if I don’t want to irritate my patients….
:( :( :(

There are two junior batches with us (of course juniors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) who can be senior to the final years>>> ha ha ha ), 92nd and 95th…. Amal (92nd ) and Akanksha (95th.. from Andamans) are there
That’s all I think. Cant promise a daily update.
Allah hafiz

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Third Professional MBBS Part 2 ... (Final MBBS)..

It's here..... my final year... the year in which i have to study the whooolllleee of the course... starts tomorrow... Im posted at Medicine...Unit M1.... H.O.D's Unit.
Allah guide me and help me.. and pleeeaasssee be with me.
Allah hafiz

Sunday, July 19, 2009

On Going Home.. exams.. postings.. and Final Year..


I have spent 19 days in Alleppey. They say final year starts on the 22nd. So, had 21 days to go home and come back but, well… I cudn. Thanx to the greatest uncertainty in the world- Kerala University’s timetable. Well, so.. then I decided to go home during my Med end and Surgery start… during the time of Eid-ul-fitr.. we’ve got the tickets too. Ani told ki end-posting nai hota hai Medicine mein….lekin abhi abhi I spoke to Jibi chichi and she told ki Legha Ma’am conducts end-posting for her unit students…. She does.. she does.. she does..! so, there goes!
I knew it…. how can it possibly be that I go home and nothing is screwed! It just has to happen. Newaz, we get some, we lose some. You see.. we’ll be having Onam hols also.. but, at that time Ramzan rahega and I don’t want to go home for Ramzaan. Then, ther’d be Christmas hols also.. but that time to I’d be having Paeds/Gynaec na!! I cant even imagine cutting these two postings… now, I seriously hope ki aur koi problem na ho.. and that humara second posting Surgery hi ho… coz’ I’m cutting around a week of Surgery- attendance ka inshaAllah problem nai hona chahiye coz’ I was in S1 in 3rd Sem- Saleem Sir’s Unit – had cut 3 days only (out of 2 months). Then in 6th sem- in S2, Unnithan Sir’s Unit. Had cut 3 days in 1 month. So, Alhamdulillah attendance is fine.
Medicine me toh I hardly attended- 3rd sem mei my babies were born, so, I used to be at Chennai most of the time. I attended , maybe, 1 month of the 2 months posting. And in 6th sem- ZERO days- :D :D .. I cut the whole month and went home. If someone checks the attendance of the previous years, I’m done. :/ :/ Newaz.

I bought Kundu 5th edition-new edition in2010… but wat to do! Gotto study now na!
I already have Davidson, I shall be using the same Hutchison (old edition) which I used in 3rd sem ( I mean.. which I bought in 3rd sem… I didn’t actually USE it :D).. and I also have an oooolllllddd editin of George Matthew… tis actually Anice chechi’s buk.. she’d given it to Shikha didi.. she gave it to me before she left…
Besides, Medicine is basically Physio+ Patho+ Pharmac- and I have enuf and more texts of these subjects (ok. In Pharmac I have only Tripathi- but given my gr8 knowledge of Pharmacology- Tripathi alone will suffice for the time being). So, well, in short.. I have all the resources. I have books, notebooks, pens, paper, internet, lappy and Alhamdulillah an average faculty of vision, muscular power etc…
Ab bas dekhna hai ki
“Mere naseeb mein tu hai ki nahi.. Tere naseeb mein main hu ki nahi..
Ye hum kyua jaane. Yeh who hi jaane.. jis ne likha hai sabka naseeeeeeb”

To well.. That’s for now!

A little bout my univs.
Alhamdulillah- univs were ok. If Allah permits, can I say.. bad???
Cant say if I ‘ll pass…but, hoping for miracles.. the worst was Ophthalm- can you believe it-I screwed up Iridocyclitis (dat was the essay) I have studied it like 3 hundred thousand times--- and yet in the exam hall I was totally blank. Totally…isiliye.. I say… zyada padha mat karo.. newaz.. jo waqt pe yaad aana hai who yaad aa hi jayega!
I’ve got lots to write in Jalpari.. ptchhhh…. I wish I had a day of 48 hrs instead of 24… I’d have wasted 36 and again tried to squeeze in the rest of my work in the remaining 12.. like I presently do with my 24. so, well! There’s no point in wishing for crap!
Btw.. am wearing specs..
I’ve got power !!! :D :D :D :D :D :D
-1.25 in the left eye- Myopic Astigmatism:D
Love always…
love to mummy, abbu, aapa, bhaiya, gudia and angel
kick to all others- get lost!
Allah hafiz.