Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 1 Medicine- Pneumonia

So today was the first day of Final Year, Alhamdulillah :) …went well. Dr. Legha, the HOD, told our unit (her unit) at the beginning itself that we r not allowed totake leave in Final Year. *sad*sad*…. Lets see wat happens at the end…
She also told that we have a staff shortage and inspite of that the Department gives due attention to the final years. So, we shud make use of it. And that if attendance in the theory classes will be below 50%, classes wont be conducted.
She told that Trivnadrum too doesn’t have Theory classes… the punishment of lack of attendance wud be dat we’ll have to study on our own. :/

We had a case presentation... by Aboobaker.. to Dr. Padmakumar…
Now, just as a piece of info to the few people who read this blog… my unit members are
1.Aboobaker Siddiq
2.Advait M.K.
3.Afzal Mohammed
4.Aiswarya Dhanapalan
5.Akhil P.Suresh
6.Almas Shamim

So the case was Pneumonia superimposed on COPD.
The discussion went well. Sir, did it really systematically… explaining us how to reach a diagnosis…
The patient had fever and haemoptysis along with purulent cough.. indicating infection.
The patient had left sided chest pain, movements were restricted on the left side, vocal fremitus was increased, and percussion had a dull note… indicating left sided consolidation.
COPD cud be found out by the history… 20 yrs of smoking history.. and recurrent respiratory infections initially… later moving into an almost continuous infection for 8 yrs…. No relief seen.

x-ray showed consolidation on the left side and compensatory emphysema on the right side. Th costo-phrenic angle was obliterated (lt) and fibrotic strands cud be seen.
mmmm.. that’s all I remember in this case.

We also have a symposium on Pneumonia this Friday… my topic is Complications of Pneumonia.

During the rounds, Legha Ma’am showed us many X-rays… and told some chhota chhota points.
Like in the patient whom I spoke bout, she showed us many nail changes.. then told bout the nail changes in the various systemic diseases.
Explained us how to read an X-ray. I mean the sequence… and then .. mmm.. dats all I remember.

I, personally, took a case…. No diagnosis.. only chest pain… admitted day before yesterday.
Later Aish told me that we shudn be takin such cases coz they don’t have any findings and so wont be kept in the exam…. We cant even rite it in our case record. (btw, we have to submit our case record at the end of every week.. its an eight week posting). Well.. watevs… since the admission this week was low, there weren’t many cases in the ward…( M1 ward… don’t know bout the other Units). And so, tis goin to be really difficult this week for us to find cases to present and for the record.
I also saw a case which presented with generalized oedema…. He;s had diabetes for the past 10-12 years….
And I really need to learn Malayalam if I don’t want to irritate my patients….
:( :( :(

There are two junior batches with us (of course juniors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) who can be senior to the final years>>> ha ha ha ), 92nd and 95th…. Amal (92nd ) and Akanksha (95th.. from Andamans) are there
That’s all I think. Cant promise a daily update.
Allah hafiz

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