Saturday, September 12, 2009

My First Littmann :)

So finally I got my Littmann… :) :) :)

After four whole years as a medico, I finally bought my Littmann on 1st September, 2009.
This is a classic student’s edition and I got it at a discounted price of Rs.3800. actually, the price is something around 4500 and we get it at the same price in Alleppey, but then..Afzal told me to ask Davis since Davis had bought it from somewhere in Cochin. Davis gave me the address of this shop called Lakshmi Enterprises (he actually drew a rough map for me in my note book :p) and I found a shubh ghadi on the 1st and ran to buy it.
The thing is that most of the people get it from their relatives in the States… and mummy had told Jaanshah chacha to tell Guggi aunty to get one for me. But prolly he didn’t tell coz after that, Guggi aunty had visited India once and had come home.. but she didn’t mention anything bout the steth… then Anisa told ki she’s told her chacha to get for Amuda and me but he was to come only on November… and our Medicine posting ends by October 3rd. And sabse zyada use toh is obviously in Medicine na… toh that’s why I tokd her that I’ll buy it from here itself… Amu and I had decided to go together and buy..but it didn’t work out… coz’ she had gone home for Onam.. and I didn’t want to wait ……coz’ that wud mean goin to Ekm after clinics, and that wud be sooo tiring.. coz even without any extra work after clinics I sleep for three hours straight….
On top of that during Ramzaan, I didn’t really want to stress myself so much…
Isliye I went and got it on 1st.
There were five colours available- Black, Grey, Dark Green, Navy Blue and Red..(they had told that Burgundy is also available, but it wasn’t). I had decided earlier itself that I shall buy the blue one coz’ black toh sabke paas hota hai..
So well, I saw ki ya twas quite ok .. and I got it..
It was only later I noticed that “S” too has a navy blue Litt…:/ :/ :/ uuggghhh! “D” asked me if I didn’t get any colour… I told ki ‘naiiiiiiii.. I wanted to buy blue hi’….:/ :/ after that I noticed S ke steth ka colour and I was like shit yaar!!!
Ab khair!
Alhamdulillah, I’m so happy…
Actually I had started getting a complex coz I didn’t have a Litt… one day, sitting in the Duty H.S…. Arun P.V,,(yes, the future Chief Minister of Kerala :D) on seeing my ‘Pulse-Wave’ steth told ki even he has a Litt, even if it’s not his own, at least, he’s borrowed it from someone.. and I am still using something else…. I was so full of the ‘grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr’ wala feeling.. :D :D :D lolz…
And sachi mein… suddenly the whole world had Litt.. except a few gals like Amu, A.T, and me :) :) …
But that doesn’t mean that im goin to throw away my old steths.. after all they have been my saathi for the past 4 years.. sleeping soundly in my college bag among the boks and the umbrella and the purana pepsi ka bottle filled with ‘pink’ coloured water :)

My first steth was bought by abbu.. ‘Konica’- maybe 200 Rs ka.
And the second one, “Pulse” was given by Tabraiz bhaiya – that’s around 300 ka.

U sure can guess my happiness by the fact that I have written such a long post only on a steth…
:) :) :)

Long Live my Littu Darling

Allah hafiz

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