Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dimple Cheeks....

Dimple Cheeks took a grt class for us…. He asked us ki y do we think he behaved so horribly to us… dil me we thot ki ‘Because u like doin it’..
He asked, ‘Do u think I like behaving this way????’
Dil mein we thot ki, ‘Arrrreeyy dil ka baat bola’…
Then he told…. ‘it is just to make u realize ur standard…. That though u all are final years…. U guys no NOTHING.’ [dhanyawaad.. but when had we told ki we know ANYTHING????] u guys never tuk cases in 2nd year or fourth year….this is to show u where u stand today..’

Ok sir.. hum log ko malum pad gaya…

And then he went on and on and on and on..... actually, if u have read my previous blog posts in this very blog, u’d know that I hadn attended casualty…. And so I had never had the bhagya of attending Dimple Cheeks’ classes.. my friends like him a lot.. I mean, of course he is a super-scratcher.. but his classes are good…. Now, Almas didn’t know that.. but trust me, I really liked his class. We tuk a Verrucous Ulcer case.. the ulcer was in the perianal region… and Sir made us all inspect, palapte and blah blah in front of him.. which I think was really nice, as otherwise, there is no point in taking a case…

But the problem is that I get bored of classes wagairah very easily… so mid way, I wanted to run away.. but who toh rukne ka naam hi nahhi le rahe the…
Fir finally at 1.15 he told ki ok I have to go now…
Hum toh chain ka saans lee.. lekin then hi he told..
‘nothing much.. but I have to go to the ‘palli’’
I was like…. ‘palli?????????///’ [palli is church/mosque]
And since twas a Friday and it was time for Friday prayers.. I thot ki Dimple Cheeks pagal ho gaya hai kya?? Why does he want to go to the masjid?? Ya fir Christians also have some special prayers today?????

Newaz… later I came to know ki Dimple Cheeks is Muslim….
And seemingly, the whole world knows it….
I don’t know how….
Even during the examination of the patient, he showed us the patient’s penis and told ki it’s circumcised… (which I didn’t understand :/) and then he asked the patient if his ‘Sunnat Operation’ has been done.. and again I was like, ‘wow yaar! A Chrisian is asking it so nicely, Sunnat ka operation!!!’
Newaz.. so wen Sir went to the masjid, we ran to have our lunch… but there was only rice at Veg Palace.. I told Aish ki I wil go to Thaff and have my lunch….
Ha ha ha!!!
I had forgotten…
Thaff is a Muslim restaurant and so twas closed for the Friday Prayers....
Then I went to Aryas with a sad heart .. coz most prolly waha bhi the only thing I’d get wud be rice… lekin I was so happy :) I had one masala dosa and 2 chapatis (with the chamandi nad sambhar they give along wid the masala dosa)……

Lekin waha pe rice ko dekhkar laalach aa gaya… I don know why.. they had given so many ‘liquids’ with it.. rasam, sambhar, mor… and wat not.. a plate full of katoras with dferent ‘liquids’.. I think the next time I shall have chor from Aryas..
Then after my lunch, I returned… and sir came after another five minutes..
Then we continued with the clas..

He has given us impositions--- many many many…
Coz we cudn answer anything..
On the whole twas a gud clas….
Squamous cell carcinoma….

And now my unit mates have decided of goin to the casualty from Monday onwards wich I think is so sick. As if it wasn’t enuf that we were spending half of our lives in the hosp that we r now goin to spend our whole lives there..
Actually there is this Hospital Shifting which is ‘almost-happening-almost-not-happening’ and so all the cases will be referred to Kottayam…
There wont be any admissions.. and the Theatre is also being shut down from the 12th. It’s Monday na.. haan it’s Monday.. that means there wont be any cases…
We have seen one Thyroid, one Breast, one Ulcer this week.
Now wat remains is Mass Abdomen, Varicose Veins and Hernia…. Basically these are the six cases… seeing as many as possible in each is good. Lekin I wil be thankful if I even get to see one of the other three… not that we haven’t seen… we have seen many many mnay many cases of each of these in our 2nd and 4th year [I was in Salim Sir’s unit in 2nd year.. I cudn cut classes… and in 4th year I was in Unnithaan Sir’s unit- again I cudn cut classes] so newaz… the thing is that… we never realy examined them well.. only very halka phulka… and that wil not be sufficient this year..
And wais ebhi we have heard that Sukumaran Sir is movin out this year :( :( :( and the new HOD is gonna be Unnithan Sir and he is sooooo strict!!! :( :( :(

Now whatever….

Allah hafiz

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hating Surgery

Hating Surgery...
Allah hafiz

Monday, October 5, 2009


I started with Surgery today.......
missing Dr. Legha ...... she treated us like her kids.............. :( :( :( :( :(
we r feelin homeless............. uske aage. I am not really in a mood to write.. waise toh... well i wont even write dat
Allah hafiz