Sunday, November 22, 2009

nothing much..

Its been a long long time since I wrote in Confrontation…. And I wonder how many of the very few posts that I have written in this blog begin with these very words…
Lots of things have happened in the past 1 and a half months… obviously!! The world doesn’t stop running coz I aint blogging!
So, well, a lot has happened

Sabse pehle toh I cleared my Third Prof Part A Alhamdulillah!
So now am officially in Final Year..
Hee hee hee :D :D :D
Seriously yaar, I was so hell scared bout my results….
It came on the day of the Beautiful Dream bout which am yet to write in Jalpari (the procrastinating me….huh!)… when I reached college that day, my unit mates told me that 6 people have failed… in the whole of Kerala University .. that means 4 colleges (?... am not sure ..?)usi mein I was like ‘gayi Almas’…. Fir we waited and waited and waited and wen we returning from clinics, I heard Puni (whatever her spelling is) from Ophthalm telling that she has received a message from someone saying that 9 in our batch hae failed totally.. that is 6 from 90th and 3 from the additionals…. But advait told her ki aisa kuchh nahi hai… uff!!!! Mera toh by the second tension badh raha tha…
Fir in the bus Anju Anna told me the names of the 6 boys who have flunked in our batch… I cudn believe that Puni was rite….
But khair!!! At least twasnt me!!!
:D :D :D :D

Aurrr kya hua..>>>>>>>>…
Haan finally after taking four cases, I got a case presentation by Dimple Cheeks…. And woh toh sahi scene raha .. has has ke lot pot ho gaye hum toh…\
Actually dekho present karne ke liye we don’t have any good cases , so, we take chumma cases.. anything that we can I presented an abdominal lump wid a stupid diagnosis… newaz.. since discussion ke liye zyada nahi tha.. sir asked us the procedure of doing the FNAC…. God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kya tamasha raha woh toh…..especially Afzal ka toh aisa kheecha na ki kya bole!!!!
:D :D :D :D :D mazaa hi aa gaya!!!!

Then the news is that our Theatre is closed coz of the shifting and so no patients are being admitted into the wards.. kyuki surgery hi nahi karna toh admit karke kya?
And that’s why we don’t have cases.. ab we understand the pains of the Private Med Coll students…..bechaare.. khair ab toh hum bhi bechaare…

There was thing by the Govt. of Kerala jiske bare mein likhna ka time nahi hai.. par in a nutshell, it says that Doctors of Med coll cannot do PP .. they just got to teach in the Colls. And the next thing is that we have been officially turned into a Referral Unit.. matlab ki now if a patient comes to us wid a disease directly, we shud luk into the matter and then bhagao … coz u see… we r the gr8 referral centre now. Isliye we cannot admit cases that have not been REFERRED…. Ha ha ha!!!! Mazaa hi aa gaya ab toh….

Jo hota hai ache ke liye hi hota hai.
Aur kisi ke achhe ke liye nahi toh mere achhe ke liye toh hota hi hai.

Isi Referral Centre ke chakkar mein some Leftists made some tamasha in the Gynaec Op .... I wont write bout it.. coz its long … and coz .. well… I just don want to write… all I can say is that they chose the wrong person for it, they chose Lalitambika Ma’am…. And she is such a dedicated doctor…… whatever happened was very wrong… first of all that behaviour itself was shit.. but if it was hurled on to a doctor whom we know is a bad person, we wud have still felt ok,,.. but for Lambi???? God!! It’s so wrong! There are few people in the world who are as dedicated as her….and not just to patients, even to her students.. if there’s no one to take classes, she herself comes and takes classes for students….even though unka kaam nahi hai saaaaro ka bojh uthana.
Wat they did was very wrong…..

Khair…. Gotto go… aur haan. Medicine ka first sessional hua.. total bakwaas.. alhamdulillah.
Pehle I thot ki essay was right.. but wow! essay was also wrong!!!
Ab next tis surgery after 20 days.. GIT……
Its 6.20 am.. and Almas is hungry.. 1 more hour for breakfast :( :( :(
Allah hafiz

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