Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Park in the Hospital :p

I am posted in Paediatrics now and trust me, while studies is something I hate, having little children playing around you is a really sweet sight. Surely, some o fthem are too sick to play and that hurts equally, but on the whole the entire ‘feel’ of the Paediatriatrics’ wards is different.
For one, the smaller kids, those around 1-5 years, do not really understand that they are ‘patients’. They haven’t yet attained the age of realizing the ‘role play’ of a patient. With absolutely no idea of how a patient is expected to behave, these kids run around all over the place with only a small patch of white plaster covering the cannula on their left wrists, as an indication that they are ACTUALLY… PATIENTS.
Another beautiful aspect of the wards is that we get to see ‘humans-the social animal’ in their unpolluted forms. In any other Department, the patients are generally gloomy and grumpy… you’d hardly find two ‘patients’ chattering like friends….whereas in Paeds, even if sick, you see genuine smiles and genuine laughter… so rare to find, especially in a place where people who laugh loudly are not really appreciated.. *ahem*ahem*

And lastly we shudn forget the families of these tiny tots…
Most of these children have siblings of around the same age… and when they visit the wards, it kind of appears like a huge theme park… the theme being ‘medicines’…well…
And also the mummys…:P
These mummys are just the right age in which to chatter (not that females of other ages don’t chatter….i mean that in a hospital, patients are usually in the older age group and they are more silent than their younger counterparts) they are neither sick, nor working… so while the kids from nearby beds are playing… the mummy too get together and go on wid their gupshup.
In the not serious cases, it really looks like a park.
Of course, we also see the darker sides to this…
Little children with congenital anomalies, mental retardation, developmental delay…but THAT is a part of this profession, in general.
For others, illness is a visitor once in a while; for doctors, illness is a companion for lifetime.

Truly, children are little angels minus the halo, minus the wings…. :) :) :)
Allah hafiz