Friday, June 24, 2011

Discharge Cards

You know what discharge cards are, don’t you?
Well… for those who do not know, discharge cards are like a short summary of your case, as a patient in the hospital.
When you get admitted into the hospital, you get a case sheet in which your history and progress is recorded.
But, this case sheet isn’t handed over to you at the time of discharge..instead, a short summary of the entire case sheet is written down on a ‘discharge card’ and handed over to you and you are supposed to preserve it well for any future use.
Now, sometimes.. while writing discharge cards…. I get this strong urge to write my own comments… of course, I don’t actually do that. But, still…. I FEEL like commenting on certain things…
Misaal ke taur pe..
A few days back, we had posted a case to be an elective CS (our OTs are on Thursdays)…. The lady had some cardiac ds. and had had a previous CS….
On Wednesday (our Admission day), as we were finishing our work towards the evening… having written all pre-Op orders and consent and stuff, this lady developed pains and was immediately shifted to the labour room….
There she was posted for an Emergency CS….
But, well… she got contractions sufficient enuf and had a normal vaginal delivery…
VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-section)
And we were soooooo happy :)
I mean, undergoin a surgery has so many complications plus the post operative pain… my God!
After a normal delivery, a lady is fit and fine in no time…
So, having a VBAC after being posted for CS is something really lucky….
And so while writing the Discharge Card…. As I wrote “VBAC” I almost added my typical “Jhinga la la meow” and made my happy smiley “ :)” …..
You know, coz I am Arya… I’m soooooooooo expressive :p
I also remember writing a Discharge card where the second trimester history was something like-
T2- PIH detected -4th month
On Endopa BD since then.
UTI – 4th month, admitted for 5 days, took treatment and was asymptomatic at discharge.
GDM detected- 5th month. On Plain Insulin since then.
Usg done- 5th month- Low lying placenta (*blah*blah*blah*)
Bleeding PV – 5th month, 1 day. Admitted in LR. Symptomatic management given. No further bleeding episodes.

And after writing this last line I seriously wanted to write something like

“yeah!!! We need more events to make it eventful *rolling eyes*!!!”

Like I told..
I’m Arya… I’m sooooooo expressive.

Allah hafiz

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