Sunday, September 25, 2011

Check List

Seriously, is it 1 am? God!! It feels like 4 in the evening….. no, not the sky… I ain’t blind.. I mean it just feels pretty evening-ish.

So, well…. Today was an OK day, Alhamdulillah. I met Nisha Ma’am and we sorted out the extension thing. I’ve got 8 days to do (as against the 18 days that I’d counted- prepare for the worst, they say ;p) and the best part is that I do not have to do my 3 Chettikadu days at Chettikadu. :) which is like super cool!!! There’s no Airtel network at RHTC, Chettikadu….. so…. You know wat I mean!

I seriously detested that posting. It was the worst posting of my HScy. Seriously!

Khair! Toh my extension thing is done, Alhamdulillah and I hope the remaining days go smooth and I don’t get myself into any more extensions….

The next few things that remain are my completion, the certificates, the shifting and the tickets.

I need to :-

1. Take photocopy of the completion form for Amu, Aish and myself.
2. Write the log book, which is a bloody pain in the ass.
3. Get the completions and hope that nobody gets wild at the sight of my lipcolour or my nose-ring or just me as a whole and grant me extension..(yeah!!! That’s the only thing in my mind right now- could ask me anything in the world.. I’d successfully bring the answer down to EXTENSION.)
4. Find out from some good soul, exactly wat am I supposed to do AFTER I get the completion from all the departments.
5. Plus, CAN I get the certificates (school mark lists, islander certificate, and the blahs) now? Or will it be mailed along with the registration? If I CAN get it now, I need to take it now…
6. Shift my things from Neerkunnam to Punnapra. And decide on the things that I will carry WITH me and the things that I will cargo home.
7. Buy luggage pieces.
8. Contact TCI Kochi regarding the whole freight business. How and when can they do it….
9. Depending on ALLLLLLLLLL this, book my tickets.
10. Fly home :) :) :)

And of course I have to buy a few things for everybody at home :)
and I also have to be mentally, emotionally, physically and most importantly, financially prepared for the “Extra-Baggage Charges”. :_(

I am such a miser :_( I know!!!
You know my family is a Sheikh family (not the Arab Sheikhs---we are the Indo-Pak Sheikhs)….. and Sheikhs are widely known to be misers…. Not something to be proud of.. but, well… that’s the way it is…
I guess the ‘miser gene’ skipped expression for 2-3 generations and finally expressed in me!! Blah!

Anyways… the downside of today was that I SCRRRREEEAAAMMMEEEDDD at Abbu :_( :_(

I don’t know why I do that. I do it all the time. I scream at mummy too, but since I talk to mummy Q6H, it’s ok. But, Abbu must feel really bad about me behaving this way on the few occasions that I speak to him.
I did call them back and apologize, but it really doesn’t make up, I know.
Someday, I’ll get it all back.
Karma is a bloody bitch. She’ll get me.
Is karma a she??? Whatever!

And I was sad and happy and all that….
And that’s it.
Gud nite. :)


Steve E said...

Never in my life have I screamed. Shouted, yelled, hollered, etc. But only girls scream? What's the difference? (Maybe "Who cares?"-grin!)

Some say that 'miser' is 'wiser', especially in this world financial climate. But it's in your genes...

I think karma is a genderless spirit. (My opinion!)

Just dropped by. Very nice blog(s). Thank you!

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

don't tell me THATTTT..

gals scream at ppl they luv...
guys, when in the mood, scream at EVERYBODY.

well... in a way, that's true!! miser is wiser.. lol!!

Yupp.. karma must be a genderless spirit.. so should i be using an 'it' for it???

thank you so much....
i had visited your blog last night...
it is superb.. :)
classy :)

Steve E said...

OMG! Did not expect responses, but thank you!

Re. karma: guess 'it' is OK for 'that'

Gonna take a nap (siesta). been with fever four days, weak and tired. Not complaining--just tell you I be back later, read rest of your stuff. OK?

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

that's funny ... why didnt you expect responses????

alrite then .. karma is an 'it'... but, since am a gal... i'm allowed to be partial to my sex and make 'it' a 'she' from time to time :P

awww!! plz take care... hope you get well soon...
God and The Prayer Girl will take good care of you :)