Thursday, September 15, 2011

On ENT, CSOM and Cerebellar abscess and my 50th Post :)

my 50th post :)

Having my ENT posting right now. Trying my level best to kill my anger and be good to patients…I am going thru a “gr8” self reformation phase of my life *cough*cough*rolling eyes* :P
And so am trying to be good to the super irritating patients and bystanders..
Let’s see how far am able to take it.
Today was ENT 1 ‘s OP but our sir made me sit in the OP for sometime and I advised CT Head for two patients….
Now, I don’t know how indicated were CTs in these two cases…but, I wanted to be on the safer side.
We recently had a case where a little girl of 10 or 11 came with ear pain and was found to have a 3-4 years history of rhinitis and CSOM…. She had been treated with antibiotics each time… but still…the infection spread from the ear to the mastoid and from there to the cerebellum and the child actually had a cerebellar abscess !! the abscess was drained at the trauma theatre and on Thiruvonam I was withdrawing her blood for some investigation and she was crying out that ‘You have drained allllllll my blood’
Her parents and I couldn’t help but laugh at that :P
she was admitted in our ward. She’s been discharged now.. :)

khair.. toh this case has made me pretty scared about CSOMs…. One of the two cases to whom I advised CT had a similar history with mastoid tenderness++…..
the other one presented with headache, might be migraine… have written symptomatic management for migraine and told that she might need to take a CT if the headache doesn’t subside.
Khair…. Toh hopefully, we never miss any spread of infections from CSOMs ever again :(

Allah hafiz

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